Smart Building

What is a smart building?
A smart building is a future-proof building in which a wide variety of components and systems are networked with each other to make the building efficient and as convenient to use as possible. Intelligent networking increases comfort and safety in the building and maximises energy efficiency. The building can be controlled and managed locally or remotely via a centralised control system. Clear dashboards provide insights and allow you to control functions and costs. Classic switches, operating elements or touch panels ensure convenient control on site.

For a smarter future

We are making buildings even smarter with our product solutions, which is why you will find not just smart, but smarter building solutions with us. With them, we make life more comfortable, sustainable and future-proof.

What control options does a smart building offer and what are the benefits?

Various components can be integrated into the building system technology in a smarter building. This makes it possible to realise functions such as lighting control, blind control or HVAC systems. It is not only possible to trigger these functions manually, but also to create automated processes that are linked to various conditions. For example, blinds can be lowered automatically when high outside temperatures and strong sunlight are detected in order to prevent overheating of living or office spaces, or the lighting can be switched according to brightness and room utilisation.

Building type

Residential buildings, offices, hotels, event venues, schools, hospitals, retail and much more.

Installation options

New construction, renovation



Control options

Switches, panels, sensors, voice command, app, web interface

Functions at a glance

How can a Smarter Building be controlled?

In a smarter building, control can take place in various ways: functions can be switched on or off as usual using switches. Centralised control of all room functions is also possible using integrated sensors and operating elements. A touch panel can act as a central point of contact in the building to centrally control functions on a floor or the entire building and trigger scenarios and automations. In order to be able to access the functions in the building from outside at any time, a corresponding app enables access to the building control system.

Which Smarter Building solutions does Busch-Jaeger offer?

From the first steps in the world of smarter building to seamless integration into complex building control projects - our approach offers a comprehensive system solution for residential and functional buildings, as well as for private or public use. Our versatile portfolio covers every requirement and offers customised solutions for every need. Here you will find an overview of our wide range of intelligent solutions.

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