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The perfect Christmas lighting

With smart lighting, you can create the right lighting mood not only at Christmas time!

The festive season is just around the corner and what better way to immerse your home in an atmospheric Christmas ambience than with intelligent lighting?

Whether it's traditional fairy lights, elegant interior lighting or the festively decorated Christmas tree - here are some tips on how to create the perfect lighting for the festive season using modern technology.

Tips and tricks for you

The easiest way to control the lighting remains the traditional light switch. But why not go one step further and use intelligent light switches that offer more than just switching on and off?

With Busch-flexTronics® wireless, you can control the light in your home smartly. Wirelessly via Bluetooth - directly from your mobile phone or tablet. This allows you to control your Christmas lighting easily and conveniently.

With a touch panel, you can control the lighting in several rooms at the same time. This is not only convenient, but also creates a modern and elegant atmosphere in your home. Take a look at our touchpanels and find the right one for you!

Probably the most flexible method: control your lighting from anywhere with an App on your smartphone. Dim the lights, change the colours or create schedules - all with just one tap. Control your cosy Christmas atmosphere without much effort.

Your smart helpers for Christmas

If you want to make your Christmas lights really smart, switchable adapter plugs are the solution. With products from Eve, for example, you can conveniently switch your fairy lights on the Christmas tree or throughout your home via app or Siri or even set switch-on and switch-off times. It has never been so easy to customise your lighting to suit your mood.

Smart partnerships

Expand your home through the integration of our smart partners!
With our cooperation partners, we enable you to integrate numerous well-known manufacturers into our Busch-free@home system. This allows you to control and automate not only your lighting, but also other intelligent devices in a single system.

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Philips Hue

The combination of intelligent lighting and atmospheric light for the four walls at Christmas.

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A combination of high-quality audio systems and iconic design that can be conveniently controlled with our smart home systems.

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For even more options for intelligent lighting control at home.

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The intelligent connection between smart home and multi-room audio system for music, films and TV.

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The perfect Christmas mood

With the option of integrating the lighting into predefined scenes, creating the perfect Christmas atmosphere is child's play. Whether it's a cosy atmosphere for a family evening or festive lighting for a Christmas party - everything is possible with just a few clicks. Especially at Christmas time, it is worth taking lighting to a new level. Intelligent solutions not only simplify operation, but also create an atmospheric ambience in your home. Get ready for a festive home that is not only beautiful, but also smart.