Outstanding example of a Smart Home

Single-family house, Datteln

The new red clinker brick building with the extravagant center facade made of sandstone at the end of the avenue integrates perfectly into the landscape. The chic single-family house in Datteln is an outstanding example of how simply and efficiently a new house becomes intelligent. "We live in an architect's house that was built according to our wishes. It was important to us that it be very bright, with a lot of windows. We wanted to bring modern and old structures together," explains the client. The natural light in combination with the white walls and furniture as well as the light tiles on the first floor and the natural wood floor on the upper floor creates a pleasant atmosphere.

A family from Datteln has built a modern and intelligent house with a building control system from Busch-Jaeger.

Busch-free@home®, the innovative home control system from Busch-Jaeger, makes this building smart. The smart home system can be controlled via the Busch-free@homePanel® in the hallway which is also the connecting part to the Busch-Welcome® door communication system. "The handling is simple and very user-friendly. Everything is done really intuitively," the homeowner is pleased and adds, "for this reason, Busch-Jaeger was also recommended to us by our electrician."

Electrician Jürgen Benterbusch confirms: "It's good to ride on a proper bike. I am very convinced of the products and the service." Elektro Benterbusch has been installing products from the market leader in electrical installation technology for 25 years. The heart of the smart home system is the System Access Point, which provides access for computer, tablet or smartphone via WLAN. In this way, the functions of the system can be defined and controlled remotely.

More freedom with Smart Home systems

Mit Busch-free@home® lässt sich optimal die passende Beleuchtung für einzelne Räume oder das ganze Haus einrichten. Zum Beispiel mit effektvollen Lichtszenen – für verschiedene Stimmungen und entsprechend zur Situation. Das Steuern von Jalousien, das Einstellen von Heizung und Klima, das Koordinieren der Türkommunikation – das junge Ehepaar dirigiert sein Haus über das Busch-free@homePanel® oder mit Vorliebe mit dem Smartphone. „Beispielsweise steuere ich die Rollläden zu 90 Prozent mit dem Handy über das myBUSCH-JAEGER-Internetportal“, sagt die Hausherrin.

With Busch-free@home®, the right lighting can be optimally set up for individual rooms or the entire house. For example, with effective light scenes - for different moods and according to the situation. Controlling blinds, setting heating and air conditioning, coordinating door communication - the young couple controls their home via the Busch-free@homePanel® or with their smartphone. "For example, I control the blinds up to 90 percent of the time with my smartphone via the myBUSCH-JAEGER portal," says the house owner.

The way to the upper floor leads over a white staircase with natural wood stairs. Busch-iceLight® provides the practical lighting. The innovative LED lighting system was specially developed for energy-efficient room lighting. Upstairs, there are three bedrooms and a large bathroom. The highlight of the 220 square-meter family home, however, is the atrium. "It's the most beautiful space in the house. Our little daughter loves that one," reveals the lady of the house. When sitting in the comfortable wing chair, the view from the window wanders over the idyllic deer compound.

Pictures: Busch-Jaeger