For wholesalers_

Wholesale is an important partner for our products and systems. And our link in communication with the customer, the electrical installers and planners.

Article master data

Always up to date

In our Infos & Tools area you will always find an overview of the Busch-Jaeger article master data. From ELDANORM, DATANORM and Excel, to BMECat (ETIM), customer catalogue data and image files, you will find all the information on our Busch-Jaeger range that you need for your publications.

ELBRIDGE for Busch-Jaeger configurators

ELBRIDGE is a standard developed by ETIM Germany to connect wholesale shops to industry product configurators.
The interface technically standardises the product selection process. As the "ETIM Digital Interfaces Staff Office", ITEK oversees the development and dissemination of the standard.

The big advantage is that the ordering process is simpler, faster and more complete and your customer can see his purchase prices directly in the web shop. In the PDF file you will receive the necessary URLs to the individual configurators and our GLN number. In order to integrate the link in a visually appealing way, you will find some buttons here. ELBRIDGE is supported by all common software solutions in the shop area. Ask your web shop administrator!

With the ELBRIDGE interface, the process of configuration takes place in the following steps:

  1. The craftsman is registered in the web shop of the wholesaler.

  2. A configurator of the industry is called up from the web shop, which you can integrate in your shop with the enclosed data.

  3. The craftsman carries out the configuration.

  4. After the configuration is completed, the system returns to the wholesaler's web shop, where the configuration results are also transferred (parts lists or references).

  5. The craftsman can then continue working in the wholesale shop (e.g. add more items to the order) and trigger the order.

The following Busch-Jaeger and ABB configurators can be integrated via ELBRIDGE:

    • Busch-Welcome®
    • Busch-Welcome® IP
    • Online-Catalogue
    • Busch-tacteo®
    • Busch construction site planner
    • Busch-Smart-Home
    • Fire detection technology
    • Comfort Planner