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Make your life smarter.
We at Busch-Jaeger offer you various smart product solutions with which your home becomes even smarter. That's why you'll find not only smart, but smarter home solutions with us. With them, we make your life more comfortable, sustainable and future-proof.

Why a Smarter Home from Busch-Jaeger?

With our product solutions, you can make your home as smart as you need it to be: from single-room solutions to networked home control, you'll find a variety of solutions that give you the option to upgrade at any time. Our products do not only work as stand-alone solutions. We understand home technology as a unit in which your products communicate with each other and your home is truly smarter.
With a Smarter Home from Busch-Jaeger, you can start with one product and expand the solutions - as it suits you and your life.

What is a Smart Home?

If you don't yet know what advantages a Smarter Home system offers you, what you can control in your home and, above all, how - then we have compiled all the important information on the subject of Smart Home for you here.

Our systems for your home

Here you will find our systems with which you can transform your home into a Smarter Home.

Busch-flexTronics® wireless

Busch-flexTronics® wireless - For simple and flexible installations.

  • Wireless system thanks to radio connection
  • Up to 32 devices can be integrated
  • App control possible
  • Simple configuration via app
  • Ideal for retrofitting
  • For individual or room control
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Busch-free@home® is our system for smart home control.

  • Both wireless and wired
  • Up to 150 devices can be integrated
  • App control possible
  • Remote access possible
  • Suitable for existing and new buildings
  • Possibility of Busch-Welcome® integration
  • Integration of third-party manufacturers, such as Sonos or Miele
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KNX is a worldwide standard in building system technology. We at Busch-Jaeger also offer corresponding product solutions.

  • For complex automation
  • Wired
  • Numerous possible devices
  • Complex configuration and programming
  • Manufacturer-independent standard
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Our systems for your door communication

Our product solutions for your front door and home access control can be used as a standalone solution, but can also be integrated into your Smarter Home System.


Busch-Welcome® is our door communication system based on 2-wire technology.

  • 2-wire technology
  • Access control
  • App control possible
  • Remote access possible
  • Integration of external cameras
  • Possibility of integration of Busch-free@home
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Busch-Welcome® IP

Busch-Welcome® IP is our door communication system based on IP technology.

  • IP technology
  • Access control
  • App control possible
  • Remote access possible
  • Possibility to integrate Busch-AccessControl
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Busch-AccessControl is our system for access control.

  • IP technology
  • Access control
  • Online configuration
  • Possibility to integrate Busch-Welcome® IP
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