Door communication with IP technology

Busch-Welcome® IP

With Busch-Welcome® IP is our IP-based door communication system.
With Busch-Welcome® IP, access control for your smart home or business premises becomes simple and convenient. Thanks to IP technology, residents and guests can communicate with each other via different stations: From the outside, inside or from a distance. You can also grant access to your visitors without having to go to the door yourself. Thanks to the integrated camera, you can see who is standing in front of the door at any time and, of course, you can also talk to them.
In addition to the indoor and outdoor stations, we also offer solutions for buildings with concierge service or various other options to customize your system to your needs and the requirements of your project.
Discover here the numerous functions and advantages of Busch-Welcome® IP and how the reception of your guests and visitors will be even more comfortable in the future.

Type of building

Apartment, house, commercial building

Control options

Smartphone, tablet, panel, concierge station

Installation possibilities

IP technology

Type of property

Renovation, reconstruction, new construction

Features at a glance

  • Remote access
    Remote access allows convenient mobile access to your Smart Home system. With remote access, you can control your home while on the move.
  • Camera surveillance
    The outdoor stations are available as a video solution. This allows you to see who is standing in front of the door at all times. And if the viewing angle of the camera is not sufficient on site, Busch-Welcome® can be connected to external analogue cameras via a camera interface.
  • Door intercom system
    A door intercom system can be used to communicate with people at the entrance of the building. This requires an outdoor station and an indoor station. There are both pure audio solutions and video solutions.
  • Integration in Busch-free@home®
    The product solutions can be integrated into the Busch-free@home® system.
  • Integration in KNX
    The product solutions can be integrated into the KNX building system technology.
  • Keyless entry
    The modules for access control offer a convenient and secure method for access to the respective building or flat. For this purpose, there is the transponder, keypad and fingerprint module. Settings, such as access authorisations, are possible directly on the module. For example, the door can be opened by entering a PIN code or with the fingerprint.
  • Integration in Busch-AccessControl
    There is the option of integration into the Busch-AccessControl system.

How does Busch-Welcome® IP work?

The Busch-Welcome® IP door communication offers a system with HD video communication that can be used for outdoor, indoor and remote monitoring of residential and functional buildings. Only an Internet connection is required for commissioning. The system consists of three main components: an outdoor station, the Smart Access Point Pro and an indoor station (panel or concierge station).

What can I do with Busch-Welcome® IP?

With Busch-Welcome® IP you can welcome guests in front of your house or building at anytime. Various features are available.

  • Communicating with people at the front door

    With Busch-Welcome® IP you can communicate with the people in front of your house or building entrance. As soon as someone presses the bell button on your outdoor station, a door call is triggered and your indoor station or concierge station alerts you to the visitor at your front door with a ring tone. When you answer the door call, you can talk to the person and also see them on your device through the integrated camera. Thanks to the camera module, you can always take a look at your entrance area - even without an incoming door bell.

  • Opening the front door for guests

    Busch-Welcome® IP helps you grant people access to your house or apartment - and you don't even have to rush to the door yourself. This is particularly practical if there are several parties and floors in a building. With a panel or the corresponding app, you can open the door for your guests at any time. Thanks to the integrated camera of your outoor video station you can also see who is standing in front of your door. So you can always be on the safe side.

  • See who is at the front door while on the go

    Even when you are on the go, you can access your Busch-Welcome® IP system and interact with the people at your front door.

How can I control Busch-Welcome® IP?

With Busch-Welcome® IP you can communicate with the people at your front door with a Smarter Home panel or even more conveniently via the app with your smartphone or tablet - even while you are on the go. To control your Smarter Home at home, our panel offers you a central point.

  • Outdoor station

    The outdoor station is the central point at your home or building entrance. When your visitor presses the doorbell, either the panel, the concierge station or the app emits an alert tone. If you have connected your door communication system with your Smarter Home system, corresponding light signals can also alert you to an incoming door call.

  • App control

    With the Busch-Welcome® app or the integration of your Welcome system into the Busch-free@home® Next app, you have mobile access to your front door at any time - whether from the sofa or remotely in the office.
    The app is available for both iOS and Android.

  • Smarter Home Panel

    By using a Smarter Home Panel, you have a central point to control your door communication system, but also your entire Smarter Home system. Thanks to the panels, you can centrally control the entire building, individual rooms or the door communication. When you leave the house, for example, you can switch off all the lights and lower the blinds centrally via the panel. This is a practical everyday aid, and not just in the home.

Discover the various products and components.

Product overview

Discover the entire product range of Busch-Welcome® IP.

Outdoor station (3)

Busch-Welcome® IP Mini outdoor station

Colors (1)

Switch: Aluminium

Frame: Aluminium

Compatible with: Busch-Welcome® IP

The mini outdoor station with integrated camera for the Busch-Welcome® IP system enables communication and access control with people at your door. Due to its format, the mini outdoor station is particularly suitable as a floor station in office buildings or in the area of garage entrances. The front-door station also has an integrated door opener contact and offers the option of connecting a door opener button.

More information

Outdoor video station with nameplate button (IP)

Colors (1)

Switch: Stainless steel

Compatible with: Busch-Welcome® IP

The outdoor station offers you a video solution with nameplate buttons for the Busch-Welcome® IP system. The integrated HD camera with infrared technology ensures clear images even at night. LED icons next to the camera show you the current status of the outdoor station and thus support people with handicaps in everyday life.

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Outdoor video station with touch display

Colors (1)

Switch: Stainless steel

Compatible with: Busch-Welcome® IP

The outdoor station with integrated HD video camera for the Busch-Welcome® IP system allows you to communicate and access control with people at your door. The 5" color touch display digitally displays the doorbell buttons. In addition, an RFID reader for opening the door is integrated in the outdoor station.

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Indoor station (1)

IP touch

Colors (2)

Switch: black

Compatible with: Busch-free@home®, Busch-Welcome® IP, KNX Building systems technology

The IP touch offers you a uniform solution for your Busch-free@home®, KNX and Busch-Welcome® IP system. With the intuitive user interface you can control the various functions in your building as well as the door communication at a central location in your building. The panel is available as a 7" as well as a 10" version.

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Integration into the home automation

Make your house entrance even smarter

As both, the Busch-Welcome® IP door communication system and the Busch-AccessControl system are based on IP technology, you can connect your door communication system to your access control system and combine a variety of benefits for your building. IP connectivity minimizes limitations on the number and range of devices that control the system.