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Our new and sustainable switch design is now available. Discover the different solutions for you and your home.

We offer you a wide range of smart home solutions for you and your home - whether for a new build or a renovation project. Make your home smarter!

Discover our wide range of smart home solutions for you and your home and make your home smart, efficient and safe. Welcome to the Smarter Home!

There are many ways to control your Smarter Home. However, the most beautiful solution at present is definitely our new Busch-SmartTouch® 10". It convinces with its modern and slim design with high-quality materials, various colours and an individually configurable user interface.

Busch-RoomTouch® 4"

The new "Busch-RoomTouch 4" is now available.

With the sensor-controlled HD touch display, you can control up to 12 functions in your Busch-free@home® and KNX system. The control element has an integrated room temperature controller and impresses with a modern design, first-class quality and an intuitive user interface.

Busch-art linear®

Available now: Our new switch range

Busch-art linear® is the fusion of design and sustainability. With the innovative switch series, we offer you a comprehensive selection of mechanical and electronic switches, intelligent KNX technology and for Busch-free@home®. Immerse yourself in the unique sustainable design of Busch-art linear® and experience the future of sustainable electrical installation with us.

Busch-free@home® & Matter

In future, it will be possible to integrate Busch-free@home® products into other systems via the Matter transmission protocol, as well as to integrate Matter-capable devices into the in-house Smarter Home systems. The free software update for the Matter extension can be applied to all System Access Points 2.0 and will be available in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Our product highlights

Discover our product highlights and innovations for your home - from the motion detector for the flush-mounted box, to the USB socket with USB-C connection, to the latest Smart Home Panel.

Product highlights (4)

Busch-RoomTouch® 5"

Colors (2)

Switch: White

Compatible with: KNX Building systems technology

The Busch-RoomTouch® is a sensor-controlled, 5" HD touch display for controlling functions in your home. The control element with integrated room temperature controller allows you to control up to 30 functions and convinces with a modern user interface and an elegant design.

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Busch-SmartTouch® 10"

Colors (8)

Switch: black

Compatible with: Busch-Welcome®, Busch-free@home®, KNX Building systems technology

Haptically and in terms of operation, our Busch-SmartTouch® 10" plays in a new league. The 10-inch, high-resolution IPS display made of glass allows a viewing angle of 75° in all directions. It reacts highly sensitively to your touches and swipes. You can customize the user interface and assign different functions. The setup is intuitive and as simple as possible.

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SCHUKO® USB socket outlet

Colors (6)

Switch: Aluminium silver

Frame: Aluminium silver

The SCHUKO® USB socket outlet offers you a combination of an ordinary socket and two USB ports. This allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet at a fixed location while the power is on. The socket is available with USB-C as well as USB-A connections.

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Light switches

Colors (6)

Switch: Aluminium silver

Frame: Aluminium silver

Light switches are much more than utilitarian objects with which you can turn the light on or off. They are design objects and give your rooms a personal touch. Our light switch ranges are a visual highlight on all surfaces and meet the highest standards of quality and your individual interior design.

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We are Busch-Jaeger

And market leader in the field of electrical installation technology with quality "Made in Germany". 

In addition to light switches, sockets and control devices, we also manufacture product solutions for smart buildings that make your life easier, more comfortable and even safer. Sustainability is not just a question of the environment for us. Ever since our company was founded in 1879, innovation has been a tradition for us. Would you like to learn more about us as a company or our history, and would you like to know how we are committed to a sustainable future?


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