High-energy atmosphere

RheinEnergie Stadion, Cologne

Some fondly call it a "treasure chest," others celebrate it as the "most beautiful stadium in Germany" – and indeed: people who see the 72-meter-high light towers from a distance at night are already experiencing the high-energy atmosphere floating over the fascinating landmark from afar.

Without a doubt, the RheinEnergie Stadium is one of the most beautiful football arenas in the world. In 2005, this was recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Internationale Vereinigung Sport- und Freizeiteinrichtungen e.V (International Sports and Recreational Facilities Association). It was awarded a bronze medal as one of the best sports facilities in the world.

This atmosphere is also emphasised by Busch-Jaeger's own switches. The rockers of the future® linear range are emblazoned with "Hennes", Cologne's mascot.