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We at Busch-Jaeger stand for electrical installation technology that makes life easier - and future-proof. As the market leader, we think in generations and take responsibility by writing the future sustainably.

Our vision

Life is easier when we can use electricity simply and safely. That is why we have been developing and producing future-proof electrical installation technology products and systems with a pioneering spirit, sustainable resource conservation and Westphalian care for over 140 years.

For us, responsibility in the sense of sustainability is not a mandate, but has long determined our daily actions at Busch-Jaeger:
From innovations in product development to the optimisation of our work processes and the redesign of our production facilities. And it goes far beyond that: How does the power supply function highly efficiently and thus in an environmentally friendly manner? How do we combine decent work and economic growth? How do we promote diversity and equal opportunities?

Our goals, our mission

It is not only with well-known projects such as our "Mission to Zero" for an emission-free future or our "Cradle to Cradle" certificates that we contribute to the fulfilment of our goals. It is also the many everyday actions that express the values of our sustainable way of working. Our mission also includes the development of products that contribute holistically to energy saving. From clever room temperature controllers to intelligent lighting control, savings in climate and electricity are possible. The sensible use of renewable energies such as solar energy is also made possible by our wallboxes, so that climate-friendly electromobility is promoted.

The trust we have been able to establish for more than 140 years is our obligation and motivation for a common and secure future. We set our goals high and act as consciously and sustainably as possible.

Learn more about our eight corporate values, which we also define as our goals.

  • To ensure that everything goes well
    It is first and foremost the employees who define us at Busch-Jaeger. Ensuring a healthy life and promoting the well-being of all of our employees is therefore an integral part of our corporate culture. For our holistic occupational health management, we have a competent service provider at our side. Together we can systematically anchor the topic of health in all areas of the company.

  • With expertise to innovations
    We at Busch-Jaeger have always been enthusiastic about education. Accordingly, our talents from all areas are actively promoted through high-quality training and further education.

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  • Differences make us strong
    For us, diversity and equal opportunities are central elements of our strategic orientation. This is expressed in the fact that everyone at our company is given a fair chance to fully develop their talent and potential. Because a culture of diversity, integration and equal opportunities is what makes us really strong. That is why individual differences are not only welcome with us, but are truly encouraged.

  • The focus on people
    At Busch-Jaeger we work in an attractive working environment with appropriate remuneration. As a company, we position ourselves as having integrity and responsibility by developing appropriate personnel policy standards. We have already been recognised as a "family-friendly company" for our commitment to work-life balance. A recognition that makes us truly proud.

  • In order to also remain in harmony
    In innovation and digitalisation projects, we pay attention to social and ecological compatibility.

  • The city of tomorrow today
    The topic of sustainability and the conservation of our earth's resources are in the focus of public discussion as never before. Politicians and industry are challenged to take on the challenges of the future - especially in urban conurbations with their high energy demand. This is about more than just preserving the status quo. It is about rethinking the city of tomorrow. The energy of tomorrow is networked, digitally controlled by artificial intelligence, demand-based, digitally retrievable, highly efficient, durable. We at Busch-Jaeger are helping to shape this future and are leading the way as the market leader for electrical installation technology.

  • Because it is also possible to be more productive. With sustainable and smart solutions.
    Experts at Busch-Jaeger continuously analyse and evaluate existing products and processes in order to offer our customers the best quality in a good balance with sustainability aspects. Our development and construction of sustainable products is done with safe and sustainable materials. This makes us proud. To be even more transparent, we will also provide "Environmental Product Declarations" for our products in the future as quantified environmental information on the life cycle of the product or service.

  • To protect our earth
    At Busch-Jaeger we stand for sustainable electrical installation technology. We are strongly committed to limiting the environmental impact of our business activities in line with international competitive conditions. Our vision is a truly emission-free future for today and tomorrow

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