The new generation of conventional electronics


With its electronic inserts, operating elements and sensors, Busch-flexTronics® sets a new standard for flexible electrical installations, with familiar installation and operation as with a conventional switch.

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The new standard for classic and flexible electrical installations

With Busch-flexTronics® we are launching a new generation of electronic inserts and top units and offer future-proof product solutions that can be flexibly installed and expanded. So that you can easily and conveniently plan flexible electrical installations today and in the future. As your partner for modern electrical installations, we want to accompany you in your projects and support you with our products, tools and services. Discover all the functions and advantages of our new electronic components.

One electronic insert, flexible options

With the Busch-flexTronics® electronic inserts, applications can be realized very easily and thus offer a perfect entry into conventional blind management and lighting control. The desired application is determined by the choice of the various attachments - whether a simple operating element for manual switching and control, a series element to additionally enable the quick recall of stored brightness values for dimmers or blind positions, or to realize convenient lighting control via motion and presence detectors.

An insert that remains

Busch-flexTronics® offers the perfect entry into blind management and lighting control.

  • Familiar operation as with a conventional switch
  • Thanks to Back-up Battery, settings are saved even in the event of a power failure
  • Status LED of the control elements serves as an orientation light
  • Save and recall presets and values with series rockers
One element makes the difference

The new Busch-flexTronics® inserts enable a wide variety of applications - that's typical flex. The flex inserts are easy to mount due to their contemporary flat shape. In addition, measuring points enable perfect service.

No training required

The Busch-flexTronics® inserts and attachments are the new generation of our electronics for the classic electrical installation. So you don't need any training to be able to install the new devices, because they are installed as usual.

All features at a glance:

Fine wire protection

safe and fast connection of flexible and rigid cables

Flat design

With only 25 mm, there is plenty of space for cables and terminals


the modern extension operation with even more possibilities

Adaptable support ring

compensates for any minor unevenness during assembly

Standardized interface

between sensor and actuator offer many flexible combination options

Application examples

  • Blind control

    With the flex blind inserts, roller shutters, awnings or even venetian blinds can be controlled manually in the usual way. Whether open, completely closed or with different angles of incidence of the slats - you can determine the desired position of the blinds conveniently by pushbutton.

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  • Lighting control

    With the Busch-flexTronics® inserts for lighting control, you can switch the lighting centrally in the room and also dim it if desired.

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  • Motion detector

    With the Busch-Watchdog® 180 flex motion sensors and the different lenses, various consumers, for example the lighting in the staircase, can be switched automatically and depending on movement and brightness.

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  • Presence detector

    The Busch-flexTronics® presence detector sensors are used for brightness and motion-dependent switching of lighting. The sensors are available in different versions.

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Product range

Discover the entire Busch-flexTronics® product range!
You can find an overview of all available electronic inserts and control elements, as well as the corresponding functions and technical data, in our online catalog.