Smart Home

What is a smart home?
In a smart home, various devices are networked together to support you in your everyday life. Thanks to intelligent networking, the comfort and security of your home is increased and energy efficiency is improved. In the process, your home can be controlled by you from anywhere via app - classic switches, control elements and touch panels ensure easy control at home. It's up to you how smart your home becomes.

What can I control with a smart home? What benefits do I have?

In a smart home, you can integrate a wide variety of components into your system. For example, you can switch the light, control blinds, integrate your home appliances or music system, or even link the alarms with your system. You can not only start the different functions or switch them on and off, but also link them to different conditions and create automations. For example, your blinds could automatically lower when outside temperatures are high and the sun is shining strongly, to prevent the rooms from heating up. But also very special scenes, such as movie night, with appropriate lighting, darkened windows can be implemented in a smart home at the touch of a finger.

Overview of functions

  • All-off function
  • Presence simulation
  • Lighting control
  • Window monitoring
  • Blind control
  • Climate & Heating
  • Air quality
  • Individual scenes

  • Panic switch
  • Sound
  • Door intercom system
  • Integration of weather data
  • Integration of warning alarms
  • Astro function
  • Household appliances

How do I control a smart home?

A smart home can be controlled in various ways: using switches on the wall, functions can be switched on or off as usual or a scene can be started. With the help of control elements and integrated sensors, you can also control all room functions centrally. A smart home panel serves as a central contact point in the house to control functions in the entire home or to start scenes and automations. And so that you can also access the functions in your home at any time while on the move, you can dial into your own home via app.

What smart home solutions does Busch-Jaeger offer?

For newcomers to the smart home world, through holistic system solutions for your home, to complex building control projects - our smart portfolio is diverse and offers the right solution for every need. Below you can get an overview of the different solutions.

Which system is the right one for me?

You want to turn your home into a smart home, but you don't know which system from Busch-Jaeger is right for you and your requirements? Then you can get a system recommendation and an initial rough cost estimate here.

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