For suppliers_

Our suppliers and partners contribute significantly to the market success of our products and solutions. Together with them, we continue to expand our product portfolio and our quality standards of our electrical installation material.

At Busch-Jaeger it is important to us that our customers are satisfied. That is why quality, innovation, reliability, sustainability and costs of the goods we purchase have become much more important in recent years. Only if we succeed in maintaining and expanding our previous quality standard and continue to give high priority to environmental aspects will our customers continue to order from us in the future.

Experienced and qualified suppliers play a decisive role in increasing our efficiency and competitiveness. We attach great importance to early involvement, comprehensive mutual information and the continuous will to become even better together. Because for us, working in partnership with our suppliers is the basis for our success.


Generating competitive and value advantages for Busch-Jaeger and our customers through cost-optimised, secure and sustainable supply as well as providing innovation through excellent supply chain management capabilities.


  • Ensuring the smooth and top-quality supply of Busch-Jaeger with direct or indirect requirements from the global purchasing markets. 
  • Supporting Busch-Jaeger business strategies through optimised costs and value chains. 
  • Provision of resources and purchasing market-specific inputs for Busch-Jaeger products and innovations. 
  • Establishment of strategic purchasing competencies within the Busch-Jaeger organisation.

Your expectations

In cooperation with the market leader in the field of domestic installation technology, you will be involved in the international activities of the ABB Group (Asea Brown Boveri AG).
You will gain competitive advantages through partnership and technical cooperation.
Long-term and reliable business relationships can be expected if excellent delivery and performance are provided, especially with regard to costs, quality and adherence to delivery dates.

Our goals

  • Highest security of supply (service level)
  • zero-defect quality
  • Lowest inventory level
  • Delivery on time, in the correct quantity, type and location (100% adherence to delivery dates) 
  • Shortest delivery times
  • lowest cost level
  • high innovation capacity
Our requirements

Creating holistic solutions that make life more efficient, more comfortable and safer. To be the strong brand that inspires its customers with decisive added value: This is the credo of our company Busch-Jaeger. Innovation is the driving force behind our entrepreneurial success. The traditionally strong partnership with electrical wholesalers and the electrical trade plays an important role in this.

We at Busch-Jaeger develop and market high-quality products and solutions for the safe and economical use of energy and an increase in the quality of life. Our customers with their ideas and wishes are at the centre of our thoughts and actions.

Within the scope of producer liability, we at Busch-Jaeger are also responsible to third parties for quality and sustainability. Each supplier must therefore effectively organise and maintain an up-to-date, documented management system on his own responsibility. Only in this way can the achievement of the above-mentioned strategic goals and customer satisfaction be ensured.

To permanently ensure the performance quality of our supplier partners, we have established a supplier controlling system at Busch-Jaeger. The development of our global suppliers and value chains is an ongoing process that constantly focuses on the performance of our suppliers by means of supplier qualification, target agreements, key figure controlling, improvement actions, e.g. within the scope of audits or supplier evaluations. A defined high level of availability, delivery quality and adherence to delivery dates, proactive cooperation, open information behaviour and the implementation of continuous improvements on the part of the suppliers are indispensable prerequisites for a lasting and successful cooperation. If deviations or potential for improvement are identified, a 4Q report or problem-solving process (PLP) for improvement is drawn up together with the supplier.

  • Non-ferrous metal strips

    • made of brass, bronze and special alloys

    • Hot-dip galvanised strips Cu Zn 37, Cu Zn 15

    • bare strips Cu Zn 37, Cu Zn 15 bronze strips

    Steel strips

    • Hot-dip galvanised strips

    • Rust-resistant precision strip steels, material 1.4310

    • cold-rolled quality strip steels, material CK 75

    • roll clad brass clad strips, DC 04

    Aluminium strips

    • deep-drawable

    • pre-anodised coil-coating process


    • Round wires and mini-profiles made of contact materials (silver)
  • Thermoplastics

    • PC

    • PP

    • PA

    • TPE-S

    • ASA

    • PBT

    • Other


    • UF

    • MP

  • A defined range of thermoplastic and thermoset plastic injection moulded and/or pressed parts as well as metal parts are produced worldwide by qualified, competitive contract manufacturing partners.

    The requirements for metal parts are as follows.

    Stamped part

    • Stamped parts made of ferrous and non-ferrous materials


    • Metric plastic fasteners and sheet metal screws

    Turned parts

    • Brass, aluminium, free cutting steel

    • Main dimensional range 0.6 mm - 8mm


    • Compression, tension, torsion springs as well as wire bending parts and in smallest dimensions and tightest tolerances made of steel wire and ni-rosta wire

    Standard parts

    • according to DIN, ISO, EN including C-part management

    Die-cast parts

    • from aluminium

    Sub-processes such as some types of surface finishing are also outsourced.

    • Painting

    • Vapour deposition

    • Electroplating

    • Anodising

    • Chemical, UV and other protective coatings

    Contract manufacturing also includes specific assemblies of plastic and/or metal parts.

  • Flat (bag) films

    • PE-LD

    Other films

    • Thermal transfer film
    • Shrink film
    • Stretch film
  • Solid board

    • individually printed
    • one to four colours

    Corrugated board

    • individually printed
    • one to two flute
    • Printed circuit boards: Bi-Layer and 4-Fold Multilayer
    • Resistors
    • Relays
    • Microprocessors
    • Potentiometers
    • Capacitors
    • Inductors
    • Displays
  • Plastic moulds.

    • Injection moulds for thermoplastics
    • Injection moulds for thermosets
    • Press tools for thermosets

    Metal tools.

    • Punching tools for metal
  • Plants and equipment.

    • Production plants
    • Single machines
    • (Assembly) devices
    • Printed matter
    • Catalogues, brochures
    • Presents
    • Presentation materials
    • Developments
    • Leasing
    • Building cleaning
    • Maintenance
    • Maintenance
    • Energy
    • Office supplies
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Tool materials
    • Other operating materials
    • Oils, standard parts, electrical goods
    • Steels, pneumatics, etc.