#smartertogether offers everything for a really good and long-term relationship between professionals, customers and the Busch-Jaeger brand.

Together we are #smartertogether.

In a world full of new requirements, real qualities prove themselves - also in cooperation: we are your reliable and forward-looking partner for electrical installations and smart home solutions. We always have your projects in mind. We want to support you right from the start with new products, tools and services that fit your individual needs - from the idea, through planning, to implementation and installation. Plan us for your next project, because the smarter solutions are created as a team.

Trust & Quality

No compromise on quality and trust.

  • Premium Quality: Our products should not only be beautiful and functional, but also durable. Therefore, we rely on robust materials and high-quality workmanship in the production.
  • A strong partnership: We provide installers with a wide range of services and tools to ensure that your demands for quality and function are fully met at all times.
  • Service & Support: Quality and trust do not stop at installation: We also accompany you afterwards with our service as partners.
  • Made in Germany: International competence combined with regional orientation distinguishes Busch-Jaeger as an established company.
Awareness & Perspective
  • Conscious and sustainable: With your Smarter Home, you not only save costs, but also energy and conserve valuable resources.
  • Future in view: We are already focusing on sustainable product components and are constantly working together to rewrite the future of electrification.
  • Mission to Zero: Through our joint partnership, you are making a contribution to a better future, because Lüdenscheid is our first CO2 -neutral location. Our vision is a truly emission-free future for today and tomorrow.
Comfort & Lifestyle
  • Comfort: With smart products and solutions from Busch-Jaeger, we enable you to feel more comfortable in your home.
  • Safety: Smart solutions mean more than just light control. You can also make a significant contribution to more safety and health. 
  • Customizing: Your wishes are decisive - we offer you a wide portfolio of designs and products that can be tailored to your individual needs.
  • Desgin & Operation: With us, you'll experience intuitive handling, both in usability and configuration with award-winning product design.
  • Easy extension: A subsequent installation of Busch-Jaeger products as well as the integration of third-party manufacturers is possible thanks to Open API.
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Smarter Home for more safety, comfort and energy efficiency

Gain time because your smart home thinks for you thanks to intelligent technologies and adapts to your daily routine. Turn lights on and off, adjust the air conditioning, time the heating in summer or winter, and control the blinds even when you're on the go. The future is here.

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Discover our smart product range. Experience a new level of comfort and sustainability in your own home. Effortless, intuitive and efficient, our connected technologies take the comfort of your own home to the next level and can enable energy savings of up to 30% thanks to smart building technology.

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Holistic planning

If you like to keep an eye on the big picture, you also like to have it completely under control: That's why we provide you with a variety of services and tools for your projects. For example, use our configurators to plan your individual Smarter Home in just a few steps.

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