Accessible electrical engineering_

Planning today for tomorrow and, if necessary, also responding to the needs of people in need with individual planning and solutions. We offer you simple and intelligent solutions that meet your individual requirements.

Comfort in all situations and stages of life

With solutions from Busch-Jaeger

With time, the demands on a home also change, so it's good to be able to rely on solutions that grow with increasing demands. Whether single, a family with children or a builder - for many people there is a desire for a long, independent life in their own four walls. To this end, we provide you with a variety of product solutions that flexibly adapt to every phase of life. For security and comfort in all situations and stages of life.

Accessible living in your (smart) home

For senior citizens, but also for people of all ages with mobility, visual or hearing impairments as well as cognitive impairments, there are solutions from Busch-Jaeger that make everyday life more comfortable and safer. In addition to known barrier-free access to all rooms, an appropriately furnished kitchen or a level shower in the bathroom, the right electrical installation can help to make everyday life easier and improve the quality of life.

Application examples

Below you will find examples of applications in which we show you how different electrical installation materials can be used in a barrier-free home. From the path to the front door to the entrance area, through the corridors to the living and sleeping areas, we have compiled examples of product solutions for barrier-free electrical engineering in your own four walls.

At the doorstep

Your own front door is the link between the public and private living space. It is therefore all the more important that comfort and security are taken into account even before you enter your own four walls. We show you how you can integrate door communication, external cameras and motion detectors into your entrance area and how these product solutions can support you in the context of barrier-free living.

Door communication system Busch-Welcome®

Individually design a modular front-door station

With our door communication system, you have the option of putting together the right outdoor station for your entrance area. This allows you to speak to your visitor without having to go to the front door or, if you wish, to see them - centrally within your home via our panels or via App. In the case of a video solution, symbols on the side of the camera visually indicate the active function. Various modular modules for access control make it easier for you to gain access to your home - for example with the fingerprint module.

Integration of external cameras

Busch-Welcome® camera interface

Thanks to the camera interface, the Busch-Welcome® door communication can be connected to external analogue cameras. The extended 180 degree viewing angle shows you the area around the front door - whether at the indoor station or via app on the tablet or smartphone. This means you always have the entrance area in view, for example if the camera's viewing angle is not always optimal on site.

Motion detector Busch-Wächter®

A good feeling with security

Whether you come home in the dark or leave the house, our Busch-Watchdogs® provide the necessary orientation and are a reliable guide. Our motion detectors immediately sense any movement and automatically switch on the lighting. In this way, falls can be avoided and uninvited guests can be seen immediately, increasing your safety.

The entrance area

Welcome home

Your own kingdom is hidden behind the front door. With the indoor station for Busch-Welcome®, motion detectors for indoor use and many other product solutions, you can also equip your entrance and hallway areas with convenient and safe electrical installation solutions.

Indoor stations for Busch-Welcome

Always see who is at your door

The indoor stations for Busch-Welcome® and Busch-Welcome® IP are the central contact points and form the counterpart to our outdoor stations. With the new 4.3" video indoor stations, you have every visitor immediately in view and can identify, let in and receive them. Simple, quickly recognisable symbols below the display clarify the individual functions and provide visual feedback. Functions such as noise suppression ensure an optimal voice connection, even for the hearing impaired.

Busch-Watchdog 180 flex

Flush-mounted motion detector

Corridors and staircases are the connecting link of our living spaces. Although we only spend a short time here, uncomplicated lighting in these areas is particularly important. Hands full of shopping or already thinking about the next floor - annoying switching on of lights is a thing of the past thanks to the Busch-Watchdog 180 flex. You automatically switch on the lighting when a person moves or leaves the room. This provides additional safety and orientation, as the corresponding paths are illuminated.

Busch-Object socket outlet

An electricity supplier that reduces the risk of tripping

It is not only the elderly who are at risk of tripping. Cables lying around from hoovers, for example, are a potential tripping hazard for everyone. Our object socket has yielding side walls so that a plug can be detached from the socket much more easily if the worst comes to the worst. This contributes to a reduced risk of accidents.

Living and sleeping area

With products from Busch-Jaeger, you can transform your living and sleeping area into a safe and comfortable domicile. From blind control at the touch of a button to window detectors, various product solutions are also suitable for creating a barrier-free and, above all, comfortable living area.


Automatic opening and closing

With our modern blind control system, you can control and automate motorised blinds, shutters and awnings at the touch of a button. This saves people with physical disabilities from having to pull on the roller shutter belt. In addition, you can programme the blinds with the help of our weather station so that they are automatically raised, for example, at a certain wind strength.

Impulse switch series

The light switch series with orientation light

With the impuls switch series, you will never have to look for the light switch in the dark again. When switched off, the joint around the rocker switch is permanently illuminated. In this way, the light aura serves as excellent orientation. The switching point of impuls is selected in such a way that your fingers get a clear haptic feedback and you notice that the switch has been activated.

SCHUKO® socket outlet Safety+

More protection against the dangers of electricity

The SCHUKO® socket outlet Safety+ has an integrated increased protection against accidental contact and thus ensures more safety in your home. Unlike retrofitted inserts, this product comes with the guarantee of the VDE test mark. The power plug is inserted without annoying twisting and the two openings only unlock when pressed simultaneously. The design of the socket outlet remains unaffected.

Window detector

Security in the blink of an eye

Our window detectors help you to prevent dangers by the integrated sensors transmitting the current position of the window handle to you. The danger of unintentionally leaving windows unlocked is significantly minimised. Open windows as an invitation for burglars are thus a thing of the past, and you can also react quickly against the danger of storm damage caused by open windows. Especially when people with disabilities, such as dementia, live in the household, this function can provide more security.


Comfort and safety play a major role in the bathroom. In addition to barrier-free access to the sanitary facilities, it is also worth focusing on the corresponding electrical installation materials. With our product solutions, you can even integrate Tunstall products (e.g. the emergency call sensor) into your smart system solution, so that someone can be called in helpless situations, for example.

Busch-Service socket outlet

Removing plugs made easy

Plugging in and, above all, unplugging is more common than you might think. Angled plugs in particular are often difficult to remove. With our service socket, you can easily remove the plug from the socket by pressing lightly on the rotary lever. This saves valuable energy. Awarded the seal for barrier-free living and tested by the German Society for Gerontotechnology®, our socket is particularly suitable for senior citizens.

Symbols for switches and buttons

Function recognition made easy

With the printed symbols, you can immediately recognise the function of the switch and the area for which it is responsible. The light in the hallway, the blind control in the bathroom or the door opener, the symbols help you to quickly and easily distinguish which function you are triggering. This can be particularly helpful if your memory is not as strong as it used to be, if you want to make it easier for small children to operate the switch or if you need help in emergency situations.

Panic switch

Good feeling at the push of a button

With our panic switch, you not only send uninvited guests fleeing, you also draw attention to yourself in helpless situations. At the touch of a button, you switch on the panic lighting and all the lights in the house and garden at the same time and raise the shutters and blinds. This way, even the neighbours can see immediately that something is wrong.

Funding for house and flat

Many products and solutions are eligible for funding through the KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau), for example as part of the "Age-appropriate Conversion" programme. Here you can receive low-interest loans or government grants for conversion and adaptation measures in existing buildings. The KfW's "Age-Appropriate Conversion" programme offers numerous options in the area of electrical engineering. These range from the simple installation of coloured light switches to the installation of an elaborate assistance system. Funding is provided either in the form of a loan or a grant.

  • The most important facts in brief*:
    "Promotional loan from 0.78% effective annual interest rate
    "Up to 50,000 euros loan, regardless of age
    " For anyone who wants to reduce barriers in their home and/or protect themselves against burglary
    " Also for the purchase of converted housing
    "Private individuals can apply for the subsidy (for barrier reduction [455-B] or burglary protection [455-E]).

    What is subsidised*?
    Funding is available for modernisation measures that can reduce barriers, increase living comfort or improve burglary protection in residential property.

    These include (excerpt)*:
    "Individual measures for burglary protection
    "Individual measures to reduce barriers
    "Conversion measures in accordance with the "Age-appropriate house" standard.

    Who does KfW* support?
    Persons, regardless of age, if they ...
    " convert a residential property to make it barrier-free,
    " buy housing that has been converted to make it barrier-free as a first-time buyer, or
    " want to increase the burglary protection of their property.

    *All information without guarantee.

  • The most important facts in brief:*
    "Subsidy of 10 % of the eligible investment costs - up to 6,250 euros for comprehensive conversions, maximum 5,000 euros for individual measures
    "Independent of age
    "For all those who want to reduce barriers in their home and/or protect themselves against burglary.
    "Also for the purchase of converted living space

    What is funded?*
    Funding is available for modernisation measures for residential property that can reduce barriers and increase living comfort.

    These include (excerpt):*
    "Access to the building and measures in the living environment
    "Bathroom conversion
    "Orientation, communication and support in everyday life

    Who does KfW support?*
    Persons, regardless of age, if they are ...
    "Owners of a single-family or two-family house with a maximum of two residential units or owners of a flat,
    " first-time buyers of a rehabilitated single-family or two-family house or a rehabilitated flat,
    " a homeowners' association consisting of private individuals, or
    "a tenant (recommendation: conclusion of a modernisation agreement with the landlord).

    * All information without guarantee.