Security technology

You can only relax if you feel safe

Foresight is always better than hindsight. Because much can happen in everyday life. Sometimes something that is extremely dangerous for residents, and sometimes you only get annoyed when something breaks. With the modern security technology from Busch-Jaeger you are always on the safe side. Because it is always there when you need it.

Modern style, safety and elegance. The Busch-MasterLight® is much more than simply a light at the front door. It is the modern and aesthetic opportunity to show ones true colours. This innovative lamp enhances the individual style of the house and is the perfect supplement for the new Busch-Watchdog. It safely shows visitors the way. And with its innovative LED technology with 15 different colours, it is more variable and efficient than any other lamp.
WaveLINE window sensor
Window handles under control. The window detector can be attached without effort and without replacing the original window handles. It reliably detects the positions of the handle and wirelessly transmits the data via the system to the WaveLINE LED display. The colours of the window detectors, studio white matt, basalt black and stainless steel, adapt to common materials.
Surface-mounted stroboscope light signal
The surface-mounted stroboscope light signal has a flash tube installed which emits bright, widely visible light flashes. In private areas, for example, the light signal can be used in connection with movement detectors to scare off intruders. The water-protected housing is impact-resistant and ideally suited for mounting in outdoor areas or in commercially used rooms.
Heater emergency switch
The heater emergency switch is the main switch for the entire heating system. The switch is installed outside the boiler room and indicates clearly visibly via the control lamp whether the system is operating.
WaveLINE LED display
Control very compact. When leaving the house, the status of the windows is recorded at a glance - open, tilted or closed. The WaveLINE LED display can be mounted anywhere without a flush-mounted box.
While current is useful, it can also be very hazardous. When moisture appears in the bathroom, a socket outlet with an earth leakage circuit breaker can be useful. It isolates the current in milliseconds when necessary.
Busch CO2 indoor air sensor
The CO2 sensor measures the quality and humidity of the air and regulates the supply of fresh air. It automatically switches on the ventilation in one or two stages or opens the window as soon as one of the values is exceeded. The device complies with the EnEV for residential buildings.
Safer than insurance. Protects expensive electronic equipment from overvoltage caused by lightning or mains disturbances. This protects valuable data at the same time. By a simple exchange of the socket outlets one's devices can be protected. The Busch-Protector® safely arrests the overvoltage and so protects against damage.
Two in one: Busch-steplight® is a SCHUKO® socket outlet insert which has an integrated light for orientation. The LEDs provide excellent orientation in rooms, hallways or staircases when it is dark.
Busch Info Light
The Busch Infolight provides information and clear orientation in an unobtrusive way. A special field with backlit pictogram identifies the toilet, indicates smoke-free zones or provides information on special application areas. The Busch Infolight is helpful everywhere.