Busch CO2 indoor air sensor

Busch CO2 indoor air sensor

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The Busch CO₂ indoor air sensor measures the quality and humidity of the air and regulates the supply of fresh air. The clear display shows you the actual state of the air, the CO₂ content, humidity, air pressure and temperature. It automatically switches on the ventilation or opens the window as soon as one of the values is exceeded.


What functions does the Busch CO₂ indoor air sensor offer?


Control over indoor air quality

You can enter and transmit threshold values so that windows and ventilation are automatically controlled via relays. When the threshold values are exceeded, the CO₂ detector display turns red so that you have clear control over the indoor air quality at all times.

What is a CO₂ detector needed for?

A CO₂ detector helps you control indoor air quality. But why is this important? All houses today, private homes and public buildings of all kinds, have to meet higher energy efficiency standards than was the case a few years ago. The Energy Saving Ordinance requires windows, roofs and walls to be insulated, resulting in very low levels of air exchange. The advantage of saving energy leads to a disadvantage: the CO₂ concentration in the rooms increases - as does the humidity. The air is only circulated and no fresh air is supplied. The Busch CO₂ indoor air sensor helps you by constantly checking the air quality and drawing attention to itself in the event of poor air quality.

What is CO₂?

CO₂ is the chemical formula for carbon dioxide. It is produced, among other things, as a by-product of cellular respiration or also during the combustion of wood.