SCHUKO® socket outlet with indicator lamp

SCHUKO® socket outlet with indicator lamp

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The SCHUKO® socket outlet with indicator lamp shows you via the light whether the socket outlet is live. So you can see at a glance whether the power supply is secure. This product solution is particularly ideal in areas such as hospitals, where electricity can be vital.


What makes our SCHUKO® socket outlet with pilot light special?


Electricity can be vital

Especially in hospitals, electricity is often vital when it comes to supplying voltage to devices for life-sustaining measures. Here, a glance at the SCHUKO® socket outlet with control light is enough to check the power supply.

What does the designation SCHUKO® stand for?

SCHUKO® is an abbreviation for "protective contact". This is a standard for sockets and plugs in which the plug has an additional contact for earthing. SCHUKO® sockets are widespread throughout Germany and are standard in many other countries.
Behind the term SCHUKO® is the SCHUKO-Warenzeichenverband e.V. (SCHUKO trademark association). which is concerned with the further development of the requirements for earthing contact plug systems as well as ensuring compliance with the requirements of the DIN VDE standards of the 0620 series in their current version.

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