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Discover the numerous possibilities that arise from the integration of Phillips Hue lights and lamps in Busch-free@home®.

Endless possibilities with Philips Hue

The cooperation between Busch-Jaeger and Philips Hue gives you even more options for smart lighting control in your Smart Home. The luminaires and lamps from Philips Hue are compatible with the Busch-free@home® system and can be integrated into your home control.

Smart lighting control

Through the integration of the Philips Hue lights in the Busch-free@home® system, you can switch the light on and off not only via app, but also manually via light switch.

Always the right lighting mood

With Philips Hue and Busch-free@home® you can increase the feel-good factor in your home, because you can always create the right lighting mood at the touch of a finger. The requirements for the right light change depending on the situation: whether it's a cosy evening watching TV, working in the home office or cooking in the kitchen. With the integration, you can easily adjust the light colours, dim the light or add the luminaires to a scene.

More than just switching the light

Your Philips Hue lamps can be integrated into your Busch-free@home® system so that you can control the lighting in your home via Smart Home Panel, light switch or the Busch-free@home® Next app. This makes your Smarter Home experience with Busch-Jaeger and Philips Hue even more convenient.

Advantages at a glance

Discover the various advantages of Philips Hue and the integration into the Busch-free@home® system.

Comfortable operation

By integrating the lights and lamps into the Busch-free@home® system, you can also switch and dim your light via your Smart Home panel, the Busch-free@home® Next app or a light switch on the wall.

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Coloured light

With Philips Hue products, you can set colourful accents with your lighting. RGB or so-called strips provide special lighting accents and can be operated directly or integrated into scenes.

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Smart light also in the outdoor area

With the Philips Hue lights, you can visually accentuate your garden with the right lighting.

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Automated shifting

Motion detectors can automatically switch on your lighting as soon as they detect movement. Especially practical in the hallway or entrance area when you have both hands full.

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Scene control

The luminaires and lamps can be added to scenes. This way, the light is set to a predefined state while, for example, your blinds are lowered.

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Phillips Hue

Find out more about the different Philips Hue luminaires and lamps on our partner's website.

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Our cooperations

We at Busch-Jaeger place great value on cooperation in partnership. That's why we work together with many renowned manufacturers to make your Smarter Home experience even smarter. In addition to the integration of Philips Hue lights in the Busch-free@home® system, you can integrate numerous other manufacturers directly into your Smarter Home.

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