Busch-Terminal Configurator

With the Busch-Terminal Configurator, you can provide your customers with professional support in planning their new home right from the start.

Project recording and preplanning in the electrical trade

With the Busch-Terminal we provide you with a configurator that enables you to easily plan KNX projects and supports you in the planning of Busch-free@home® and standard electrical installation projects. The tool offers you the optimal basis for a professional time and cost calculation and saves you a lot of time and effort.
With the Busch-Terminal, you can select switch and socket combinations together with your customers in no time at all, check smart home options and integrate various networked products such as a video intercom system into the project.

Advantages of Busch-Terminal

» An unlimited number of projects can be created free of charge
» All you need is a myBUSCH-JAEGER account
» Practical templates according to the installation recommendations of the HEA simplify your project planning
» Display of the complete price including installation costs and much more
» Buildings can be pre-planned in 2D and 3D and visualized for your customers
» Projects can be quickly and easily converted into other Smart Home systems or technologies*.
» Data export via GAEB, xi:opd, CSV
» With one click you can generate documents like specification sheets, equipment lists or planning overviews.

*You can convert an already created project afterwards. This means that with just a few clicks, the Busch-Terminal shows you an alternative to a planned standard object with the corresponding articles, e.g. in Busch-free@home® - including the complete price with the necessary programming costs.

Busch terminal at a glance

Quick access to project planning

Busch-Terminal offers you various options and thus makes it easier for you to quickly start planning the electrical installation with your customers.
A variety of practical templates are available to you, which have been structured according to the installation recommendations of the HEA. This saves you valuable time in project planning. It is also possible to import floor plans into Busch-Terminal.

Project visualization

The 2D and 3D functions allow you to visualize the planned projects. This way you have the possibility to visualize the projects for your customers and to realize an easier planning based on the spatial representation.


How the terminal configurator works

To make the start and the use of Busch-Terminal as easy and comfortable as possible, we provide you with some video tutorials. You can find the complete playlist here.

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  • Project start

    In this video we will show you how to start with a new project in Busch-Terminal by creating the project, selecting the desired technique, as well as adding project information.

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  • Basic functions

    In this video we show you the basic functions of Busch-Terminal. From creating a project, selecting project templates to adding individual devices of the brands Busch-Jaeger and ABB.

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  • Use 2D & 3D function

    In this video we will show you how to use the 2D and 3D functions in the Busch terminal to visualize your customers' projects and make project planning even easier for you, e.g. by importing the floor plan of the building.

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  • Add ComfortPlaner

    In this video we show you the possibilities of planning the main distribution board in a project with ABB ComfortPlaner and inserting it into Busch-Terminal.e

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  • Convert project

    In this video we will show you different ways to convert your projects to Busch-Terminal.

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  • Convert smart home technology

    In this video we will show you the possibilities of converting a selected smart home technology into another smart home technology in one project.

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