Access Control


Busch-AccessControl is our solution for modern access control.
Via digital locking cylinders, complex electronic access management for buildings can be handled in a simple and user-friendly way. To open the door, a transponder key is held against the electronic cylinder lock so that the door is opened when the signal is detected.
Via the Smart Access Point the system can be used as a stand-alone solution or as part of a building system scalable for every requirement. Busch-AccessControl transmits data highly encrypted, so that our solutions meet the highest security standards.

Fields of application

Apartment buildings, apartment complexes, office buildings, commercial buildings, multifunctional buildings


Web server

Type of property

Renovation, reconstruction, new construction

Number of possible devices

up to 600 and 2000 users

Access control

House/apartment door, side doors, office and room doors

Features at a glance

  • Integration into Busch-Welcome® IP
    There is the option of integration into the door communication system Busch-Welcome® IP.
  • Remote control for Busch-AccessControld
    Remote access enables convenient mobile access to the cylinders in your Busch-AccessControl system. With remote access, you can activate cylinders while on the move.

How does Busch-AccessControl work?

Three components are required for Busch-AccessControl. The door cylinder, a transponder key to open the lock, and the Smart Access Point Pro. You can scale the system flexibly at any time. If, for example, you want to equip several floors of an office building with the cylinder locks, you can include repeaters in your system that distribute the signal throughout the entire building. And if you want to distribute different access rights for different people, you can do this via the individual transponder keys. At the same time, Busch-AccessControl is based on IP technology, which minimizes the restrictions on the number and range of terminal devices used to control the system. Decentralized control and installation options also effectively protect your system from unauthorized access.

Electric cylinders
The electric cylinders are suitable for door thicknesses up to 140mm and are available in both standard and semi-standard profiles, as well as for country-specific door standards (EU, Switzerland, USA, Scandinavia). A status LED light gives visual feedback and thanks to the IP66 protection class you are always on the safe side. The cylinders are powered by a battery that gives you up to 130,000 openings before it needs to be replaced. Manual opening of the cylinder is possible at any time on the inside.

Transponder key
The transponder key is the counterpart to the electric cylinders and serves as a door opener. It is available in white, gray and black.

How do I manage the access?

An online administration system is available for the system settings and the administration of the individual access authorization, status, etc. With the web interface, you can access your Busch-AccessControl system quickly and easily and have it in view at all times. Particularly practical: you are notified at an early stage when the battery of a cylinder is about to run down, so that you can change the battery in good time.

What options do I have in access control?

With Busch-AccessControl and our electric door cylinders, you can manage access to rooms very precisely. The following options and functions are available to you for this purpose:

  • You can define who can open the door, when and where.
  • You can open the doors centrally from anywhere.
  • You can see who has opened the door.
  • You can use your smartphone as a door opener.

Product overview

Discover the products and components for Busch-AccessControl.

Door locks & cylinders (1)

Electronic cylinder lock

Colors (1)

Switch: Aluminium silver

Compatible with: Busch-AccessControl

With the electronic cylinder locks for the Busch-AccessControl system you can manage the access to a building or individual rooms. The door cylinders are available in different lengths for different door thicknesses and are suitable for mortise locks according to EU, US and Swiss standards.

More information
Integration into your door communication system

With Busch-Welcome® IP
Since Busch-AccessControl, like the Busch-Welcome® IP door communication system, is based on IP technology, you can connect your access control to your door communication systen and combine a variety of benefits for your building. The IP connectivity minimizes restrictions on the number and range of end devices with which the system is controlled.