The entire diversity

Smarter, because we offer the entire diversity


Your home gets smart

Those who network their homes make their life easier: Blind, light, heating, air conditioning or door communication are easy to control and can be regulated to your personal requirements with ABB-free@home®. ABB-free@home® opens intelligent networking for new buildings and redevelopments.

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KNX standard

Your house speaks one language, your language

With KNX you determine what your house should do for you. The system for intelligent building networking integrates the operation of audio, video and household appliances in addition to powerful house control. Smart Home KNX is standardised and therefore also a future-proof investment decision.

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Your smart doorkeeper for a safe home

The ABB-Welcome door communication system supplements the Smart Home system from ABB with a multitude of solutions for the entrance area of your house and cares for comfort, safety and energy efficiency. It can be controlled both as an individual solution and with ABB-free@home® and KNX.

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ABB ECO-System

The ABB-free@home®,ABB-Welcome and ABB-AccessControl systems work hand in hand with each other and fall under the ABB ECO-System. Together they offer a holistic answer to the question of modern Smart Home Management.

Our switch range

Tailor-made for your Smart Home both technically and visually
 Extravagant or plain, round or square, black or white - the variety of colours and styles of our switch ranges matches perfectly with the countless options of our Smart Home systems. They combine the technically best solution with modern design and display individuality and personality.

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