Busch-Smoke Alarm Detector

Busch-Smoke Alarm Detector

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The Busch-Smoke Alarm® is a smoke alarm that watches over you and your loved ones. It reliably wakes everyone in the house around the clock at the slightest sign of smoke - loudly and in good time. It is a true helper in prevention. Fires often start at night, when people are asleep, and then fires in private households can become a deadly danger - because we humans can't smell anything when we are asleep. Just like a dog, by the way.

What makes the Busch-Rauchalarm® a real lifesaver?


Optimum protection through networking

With our smoke detectors, you can create a kind of safety net by networking the devices. In houses and flats over several floors, the best smoke detector is of no use if you can't hear it because it is too far away, for example. That's why we offer you networkable smoke and heat detectors - both wired and wireless. If a detector detects danger, all installed devices alert the occupants - no matter where the smoke is located. This increases safety enormously, especially at night when not all rooms are in use.

Connection to external systems such as vibrating cushions for the blind or light signalling devices for the deaf, but also to KNX is possible at any time through the Busch-Rauchalarm® relay.

Integration into your Smarter Home

You can integrate our smoke alarm, CO and heat detectors into your Smarter Home system. In addition to the radio modules responsible for the wireless communication of all detectors (Busch-Rauchalarm RF / Busch-CO Alarm RF), only the Busch-free@home® alarm stick is required. This is connected to the USB port of your system access point and expands the functionality of your Busch-free@home® system with comprehensive alarm options.

Why do I need a smoke detector?

Smoke alarms are mandatory by law and can save lives. Wherever there is a legal obligation to install smoke alarms, the number of smoking-related deaths has been halved. In Germany, 200,000 fires break out every year, with considerable consequences: around 400 deaths, more than 4,000 burn injuries with long-term damage and over one billion euros in fire damage in the private sector. Therefore, the installation of smoke alarms in flats is now required by law in all federal states.


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