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Smarter, because it is worth its price

What does a Smart Home cost in a new building?

Correctly planning the electrical installation

Specify the scope of the planned electrical equipment with your architect and electrician in advance, before the construction of the house. The costs for an efficient installation depend on this. Aside from a basic installation, you also have the option of extending and retrofitting your Smart Home with modern building systems technology according to your requirements and wishes at a later point in time. Busch-Jaeger shows an example of the difference in price between conventional electrical equipment and the installation of modern building automation:

of the building sum is used for conventional electrical equipment.

For approximately

of the building sum your living area can be equipped with our ABB-free@home® Smart Home system.


of the building sum you already receive comfortable equipment with your KNX system with two functional areas that can be extended at any time.

Source: Initiativkreis ELEKTRO+

Retrofitting the Smart Home

Always affordable

Also rental apartments and older houses can be raised at low cost to the latest state of technology for renovation and restoration projects. Especially suitable for this are wireless Smart Home systems. In contrast to wired systems, which are more suited for new buildings and general renovations, they network the home automation via radio control. This makes technical upgrading possible without having to alter the existing building substance. All functions can be operated also with the smartphone or tablet. In a three-room apartment the intelligent control of light, heating and blinds can be installed already starting from 2,800 euros. A special plus: The use of intelligent building automation makes energy-saving of up to 30 percent possible.