Seeing from the sofa who is at the door

Door communication


Heating & air-conditioning

Your heating is waiting for you, not the reverse

A preheated bathroom after getting up, a warm living room after work - with a Smart Home device you can control the desired room temperature at any time of day and night fully automatic and according to your actual requirement.

Door communication

Living comfort starts at the front door

No matter whether door opener, communication, light switch or video surveillance - our door communication system offers you a multitude of functions that you can control via a panel on the wall, tablet or with a smartphone.

Blind control

Automatic opening and closing

The Smart Home makes it easy for you to save unnecessary movements. Motor-driven roller blinds, awnings or garage doors can be comfortably controlled at any time according to your wishes.

Light control

Light, which adjusts itself to your requirements

Reading on the sofa, cooking, or a pleasant get-together at the dinner table - living situations are manifold. With our Smart Home light control you can create different light scenes at any time to suit the occasion.

Comfort scenes

Always the right atmosphere

Design your personal comfort scene. No matter whether you are planning a pleasant evening watching television or receiving guests - a single press of a button is sufficient and you can combine different functions to suit the occasion.


The concert at which you are the conductor

Rock concert or home movies? Aside from the home automation functions, our Smart Home solutions offer the functions of an infotainment and entertainment center. Hi-fi, audio and video systems can be networked with home sound systems. This allows you to enjoy your favourite play list with a top sound.

Philips Hue LED lamps

Always the right light

Philips Hue LEDs care for the perfect light. Integrated into your Smart Home, they can also be controlled in a light scene together with other lamps. Totally comfortable via a switch on the wall, via tablet or smartphone.

Speech assistant Alexa

Allowing simple commands to be controlled

The very popular digital speech assistant from Amazon can be integrated into ABB-free@home®. Now simple commands can be controlled in the Smart Home, such as "Alexa, switch on the light in the kitchen", or "Alexa, set the living room temperature on 21 degrees", lights, blinds, heating and complete scenes. Alexa requires a myBUSCH-JAEGER subscription.