System Access Point 2.0

System Access Point 2.0

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The System Access Point 2.0 is the heart of every Busch-free@home® system and is also compatible with Busch-flexTronics® wireless. With it you can put your system into operation and have the option of remote control of your Smarter Home. Regardless of whether wired or wireless, up to 150 devices can be connected to the system access point.



Busch-flexTronics® wireless, Busch-free@home®

Number of possible units

Up to 150 per system Access Point 2.0

The heart of your Smarter Home

The System Access Point 2.0 is used for commissioning and remote control of your Busch-free@home® system. Installation is particularly easy with the external plug-in power supply. In addition, the device enables you to connect numerous strong partners, such as Sonos, Miele or Philips Hue. The System Access Point 2.0 is also compatible with Busch-flexTronics® wireless.
All technical information can be found in our online catalogue.

What distinguishes the System Access Point 2.0?


Control via app

With the Busch-free@home® Next app you can also conveniently control your Busch-flexTronics® wireless or Busch-free@home® system via app. Innovative technology, intuitive operation and individual design for even more comfort in your smart home - all this is possible with our Busch-free@home® Next app.
More about the app

Busch-flexTronics® wireless

Busch-flexTronics® wireless offers you various options as an entry into smart room control. With the system, you can easily enter the smarter home world and have the option to expand your system at any time with additional components. Discover the various advantages and functions for your home.


The Busch-free@home® system offers you numerous possibilities and advantages for your smarter home. With the system, you can intelligently control and network various functions and devices - from lighting control and blind management to heating and climate control. Whether you want to control them via switch, panel or smartphone, we offer you the right solutions.


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