Room temperature controller

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Room temperature controller

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The room temperature controller allows you to heat according to your needs and your desired temperature - very easy to set using the rotary control. This way you can regulate your room temperature in no time at all and save energy and heating costs.


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What distinguishes the room temperature controller?


Different models for different requirements

Our room temperature controllers are available in different versions. One possible additional function is, for example, the night setback incl. control lamp. We also offer a special room temperature controller for underfloor heating, which ensures the desired comfortable temperature in your home via a remote sensor and thermal feedback.

What do the numbers on the central disc of the room temperature controller stand for?

The numbers from 1 to 6 are shown on the central disc of the room temperature controller. Each number stands for a corresponding temperature - the higher the number, the warmer the temperature in the respective room. Different levels are recommended depending on the type of room:

  • Level 1 approx. 6 degrees
  • Level 2 approx. 12 degrees
  • Level 3 approx. 16 degrees
  • Level 4 approx. 20 degrees
  • Level 5 approx. 24 degrees
  • Level 6 approx. 28 degrees

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