KNX room temperature controller with touch sensor

KNX room temperature controller with touch sensor

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The KNX room temperature controller with touch sensor systems is suitable for heating and cooling fan coil units or conventional systems. Thus, you can ideally control the climate in your rooms and adapt it to your needs. Even very large rooms can be tempered quickly.



Building systems technology KNX


Heating and cooling

Das Touchpanel für die Raumsteuerung

All technical information about the room temperature controller with push button sensor for your KNX system can be found in our online catalog.

What distinguishes the room temperature controller?


Touch sensors for function control

The room temperature controller with pushbutton sensors is an operating element whose buttons can be assigned various functions.
For example, the set temperature can be adjusted or it can be indicated whether someone is in the room or leaving the house. The functions are also supported by an innovative color concept (yellow=lighting, blue=blind, orange=RTR, magenta=scene and white=neutral/no function assignment or standard lighting red/green).

Find your favorite switch range design

Discover the diversity of our switch ranges and find the design that suits you and your individual style.

Intelligent building control with KNX

With the product solutions of the KNX building system technology, you have various options in the area of Smarter Home and Smarter Building. Apartments, houses and entire buildings can be intelligently networked and controlled. Discover our product variety and find the right solution for you and your project.


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