Indoor station audio

Indoor station audio

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The audio indoor station for your Busch-Welcome® system allows you to communicate with people at your front door. The operating buttons give you quick and easy access to answer door calls, open the door, mute and switch on the lights. Full duplex operation allows you to talk and listen at the same time. Noise cancellation ensures clear sound on both sides.


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2-wire technology


Audio solution (listening, speaking)

Indoor station for door communication

All further technical information about the indoor station audio for the Busch-Welcome® system can be found in our online catalog.

What distinguishes the indoor station audio?


Convenient functions

The Audio indoor station is equipped with four control buttons. This allows you to answer door calls and talk to the people at your front door, open the door for them or even switch on the light in the hallway. Another button switches off the microphone of the indoor station during the call. This prevents the visitor at the front door from listening in. It can also be used to switch off the doorbell. After ten hours, it is automatically switched on again. The symbol lights up red during the time-out.

The counterpart: outstations

As a counterpart to the indoor station audio we also offer you the matching outdoor stations for your door communication system. There are various models available here.


With Busch-Welcome® we offer you a solution for door communication based on 2-wire technology. The system has various functions and components and can be integrated into your Smarter Home. Discover the product variety and find the solution for your home.


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