Fingerprint module

Fingerprint module

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The fingerprint module for Busch-Welcome® enables you to access your home by scanning the fingerprint. The integrated line sensor can thus recognise up to 64 different users. As a module of our Busch-Welcome® solution, the fingerprint module is subject to protection class IP44 and is absolutely weatherproof.


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2-wire technology


Access control with fingerprint

Module for door communication

All further technical information on the fingerprint module for the Busch-Welcome® system can be found in our online catalogue.

What distinguishes the fingerprint module?


Integration in letterbox and co.

Thanks to the 2-wire bus technology, the integration of the Busch-Welcome® solutions is also possible in letterboxes, bell panels or door side panels. The basic audio module with microphone and loudspeaker can thus be easily combined with an additional camera and offers you the option of button expansion up to 99 buttons.

Make your door communication complete: front-door stations

The fingerprint module can be integrated into the front-door stations of the Busch-Welcome® system. With our modular front-door stations, you can assemble your front-door station individually and according to your needs.


With Busch-Welcome® we offer you a solution for door communication based on 2-wire technology. The system has various functions and components and can be integrated into your Smarter Home. Discover the product variety and find the solution for your home.


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