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Busch-Wächter® PRO

Der Wächter. For all.

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The Busch-Wächter® will be available from summer 2024.

Further information on the individual items, such as functions and colors, will soon be available here on the website.

Detection range

Frontal up to 16 m, lateral up to 32 m

Angle of coverage

90°, 220° or 280°

Areas of application

For detached houses or buildings, large properties


Wall, ceiling or corner mounting

Compatible systems

Conventional, Busch-free@home®, KNX

Der Wächter. For all.

The Busch-Wächter® PRO motion detector is the perfect partner for a secure feeling in countless application areas. It impresses with its smart technology, elegant design and reliability. The design of the motion detector makes it easy to install in different situations. And thanks to the app, installation is not the only thing that is convenient.

What characterizes the Busch-Wächter® PRO?


Flexible mounting

With three different mounting options, the guard provides maximum freedom for any architecture: single-point mounting, ceiling mounting, corner mounting or angled mounting. The design stability guarantees precisely defined detection areas and consistently clean switching in the long term.

App configuration

With the corresponding app, the detector can be set even more precisely: test mode, detection field, sensitivity, switch-on threshold and follow-up time can be conveniently set using a smartphone or tablet. This means that the guard does not necessarily have to be dismantled to be switched on and off and adjustments can be made conveniently even in bad weather.

The Wächter for all surfaces.

Various models

Busch-Wächter® PRO 90°

Terraced houses place particularly high demands on the accuracy of the detection area. After all, the light should not be switched on by irrelevant movements. Every front door needs a defined narrow range. A few centimetres are important here, even with the frontal range, which can be reduced to six meters with the Busch-Wächter® PRO 90°. Precision for a good neighborhood.

  • frontal between 6 m and 12 m
  • horizontally up to 8 m
  • High-quality switching relay

Busch-Wächter® PRO 220°

For larger buildings, more than just the area in front of the front door needs to be illuminated. Holistic illumination is important because the façade, garage, paths and garden form a single unit. Safety is provided by the fast-switching brightness, also thanks to the defined rear field detection at the moment before you step out of the house. From every angle: The Busch-Wächter® PRO 220° effectively points the way.

  • frontal between x m and 16 m
  • horizontal between x m and 32 m
  • Rear field detection for faster switching
  • Clear detection display
  • High-quality switching relay

Busch-Wächter® PRO 280°

If a motion detector is mounted at the corner of a house, it must be capable of more than two viewing directions and even detect more than three times 90° in order not to miss a single centimeter around the house. This is how consistently the Busch-Wächter® PRO 280° is designed: comprehensively smart. It even switches before you step out of the house thanks to rear field detection. Even with angled architecture, everything is in view.

  • centrally between x m and 16 m
  • in any direction up to 32 m
  • Rear field detection for faster switching
  • Clear detection display
  • High-quality switching relay


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