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A touch of perfection

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Busch-Trevion® Display

A touch of perfection

Busch-Trevion® Display

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Busch-Trevion® presents a revolutionary sensor technology that can be harmoniously integrated into many of our switch ranges due to its size. You can choose between two options: a 2.4" touch display or a capacitive control surface with LED light guides. These sensors are suitable for traditional control purposes as well as for seamless integration into your Smarter Home and Smarter Building. Visually, the sensors fit perfectly into our variety of switch designs.


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The Busch-Trevion® 2.4" display is now available.


conventional, Busch-free@home®, KNX building system technology


Flush-mounted box

Sensor technology

2,4" Display with 240 x 240 px


Room control

Modern sensor technology for your home

With the Busch-Trevion® sensor system you can control various functions in your home. You can use the sensors as a stand-alone solution or integrate them into your KNX or Busch-free@home® system. The articles and article numbers differ depending on the system for which the sensors are to be used.

You can find all further technical information on Busch-Trevion® in our online catalogue.

  • Individual scenes
    Presettings and the triggering of actions can be combined in individual scenes so that they can be called up at the touch of a button. For example, a living room can be prepared for a cosy evening of television within seconds - with the right lighting mood, lowered blinds, the ideal room temperature or even the right music.
  • Air conditioning & heating
    Thanks to the Smart Home System, the optimal room temperature can be controlled individually and according to actual needs. In this way, the temperature control can be adapted to the personal daily routine so that, for example, the bathroom is already preheated in the morning after getting up or not all rooms are heated during the day when you are absent.
  • Blind control
    With the blind control, blinds, shutters and awnings can be raised and lowered and the position for appropriate shading of the rooms can be set.
  • Lighting control
    With the lighting control, illuminants can be switched, controlled and dimmed. In addition, the color and color temperature of the lighting can be adjusted.

What makes the sensor technology around Busch-Trevion® special?


Design diversity

The sensor system can be integrated into many of our switch ranges. Our switch ranges are available in various colours, shapes and materials. You can find an overview of all our designs here.

Busch-Trevion® Keypad

With a new and modern operating concept like a smartphone based on capacitive surfaces, Busch-Trevion® offers a completely new operating experience. Multicolour LEDs visualise the change in movement/brightness animated by a "running light function" and give you visual status feedback during control.

Busch-Trevion® 2,4" Display

The 2.4" display has an integrated bus coupling unit and can be used in a KNX system as well as in a Busch-free@home® system. The three sizes (55, 63, 70) allow for use in switch ranges such as Busch-Balance® SI, future® linear or also Busch-art linear®. All further information on the different versions can be found in our online catalogue.

Sensor technology for home and building control

Depending on the article, Busch-Trevion® supports both KNX building system technology and our smart home control  Busch-free@home®.


Home control

You want to make your home smarter? Then our Busch-free@home® system with our Busch-Tenton® control elements may be just right for you.

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Building systems technology KNX

Building control

You have big plans and want to make your home or a particularly large building smarter? Then the KNX standard may be just the right thing for your project. And with a variety of different sensors and the Busch-Tenton® control elements, your KNX system will not only be a technical but also a visual highlight.

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