Busch-RoomTouch® 5"

Busch-RoomTouch® 5"

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The Busch-RoomTouch® is a sensor-controlled, 5" HD touch display for your KNX system. The control element has an integrated room temperature controller and allows you to control up to 30 functions. Our Busch-RoomTouch® convinces with a modern user interface and the elegant design.



Building systems technology KNX


Horizontal or vertical


capacitive touch display 720 x 1280 pixels


Room control

The touch panel for room control

Various KNX standard functions are integrated in the Busch-RoomTouch® 5" so that you can run various applications. In addition, various sensors are integrated in the touch panel, such as a temperature sensor incl. input, a proximity sensor and a brightness sensor.

You can find all technical information about the Busch-RoomTouch® 5" in our online catalog.

  • Individual scenes
    Presettings and the triggering of actions can be combined in individual scenes so that they can be called up at the touch of a button. For example, a living room can be prepared for a cosy evening of television within seconds - with the right lighting mood, lowered blinds, the ideal room temperature or even the right music.
  • Air conditioning & heating
    Thanks to the Smart Home System, the optimal room temperature can be controlled individually and according to actual needs. In this way, the temperature control can be adapted to the personal daily routine so that, for example, the bathroom is already preheated in the morning after getting up or not all rooms are heated during the day when you are absent.
  • Sound
    Networked with Busch-free@home® , music, films and TV can be experienced throughout the house with the Sonos music, films and TV can be experienced throughout the home - and in the best quality.
  • Blind control
    With the blind control, blinds, shutters and awnings can be raised and lowered and the position for appropriate shading of the rooms can be set.
  • Lighting control
    With the lighting control, illuminants can be switched, controlled and dimmed. In addition, the color and color temperature of the lighting can be adjusted.

What distinguishes Busch-RoomTouch®?



The control element with display can be mounted in landscape or portrait format. The orientation is to be determined by the customer. Thanks to its extremely flat design (11 mm), the control element fits ideally into modern room design.

Busch-RoomTouch® 5"

Discover the different functions

Experience a new level of convenient room control
With the Busch-RoomTouch® 5", you can control various functions in your rooms in an elegant way, conveniently from one place.

Lighting control

Thanks to the intuitive operating concept of our Busch-RoomTouch®, lighting control in your home becomes a completely new experience. With gentle swipes and touch movements on the 5" display, you can not only switch the lighting on and off, but also dim it. Thanks to the RGBW function, you can also adjust the light colour.

Blind control

As a central control element, the Busch-RoomTouch® 5" also allows you to control your blinds and shutters. A finger movement is sufficient and the blinds move into the desired position. If desired, you can also automate the control of your blinds. Thanks to the integrated timer, you can automatically adjust the opening and closing times of your blinds according to sunrise and sunset.

Room temperature control

The control element provides an extra feel-good factor in your rooms - with the Busch-RoomTouch® 5" you can set your feel-good temperature conveniently via the touch display. The built-in temperature sensor allows you to display the indoor temperature. So you can see at a glance how many degrees it currently is in your room.

Scene control

Busch-RoomTouch® takes convenient room control to a new level - and provides even more convenience in everyday life with scene control and automation. As a central element, the user interface offers you the option of calling up scenes you have created yourself or starting automations. How about starting your next TV evening with our high-quality control element at the touch of a finger? The light is dimmed, the blinds darken the room and the right room temperature is also provided. Now all that's missing is the right film.

Media control

All audio systems with a KNX interface or Sonos speakers can be easily controlled via the Busch-RoomTouch® 5". You can start and pause individual tracks, but also set functions such as shuffle, repeat or select a playlist. With a simple swipe up or down, you can adjust the volume as desired.

Time programmes

It is possible to create a time programme for almost all functions that you can control with the Busch-RoomTouch® 5". You can activate these either at certain times or depending on sunrise or sunset. This also allows you to call up certain time schedules only during a holiday or outside of holiday periods. You can preset these time periods in the "Busch-RoomTouch® 5" or via a KNX telegram.

Intelligent building control with KNX

With the product solutions of the KNX building system technology, you have various options in the area of Smarter Home and Smarter Building. Apartments, houses and entire buildings can be intelligently networked and controlled. Discover our product variety and find the right solution for you and your project.


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