Busch-Comfort switch flex

Busch-Comfort switch flex

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The Busch-Comfort switch® flex combines the functions of a motion detector and a light switch. This allows you to switch the light in your rooms - manually or fully automatically. You have the option of linking the comfort switch to other functions. For example, you can switch on the light and the radio in the guest bathroom at the same time. Manual use is also optimised, as you can switch with one hand movement without touching a rocker - hygienic and simple. The detection range is 5 metres at the front and 3 metres at the side.


What distinguishes the Busch-Comfort switch® flex?


Light as long as you need it

The Busch-Comfort switch® flex automatically provides light - but leaves it on as long as you need it. If you leave the detection range or temporarily do not move, the light remains switched on. So you can take care of everything in peace and determine for yourself when it should be dark again.

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