Bluetooth smart switch

Bluetooth smart switch

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With the Bluetooth Smart Switch you can remotely control the lighting (consumers with the Bluetooth Low Energy standard) in your home. The switch is simply attached wirelessly to the wall and is particularly energy-saving, thanks to the "Energy Harvesting" technology.

Available in different designs

The Bluetooth Smart Switch is available in various switch ranges.


Networking takes place via Bluetooth connection.


The product is commissioned via the manufacturer's apps.

The most important at a glance

The Bluetooth Smart Switch is a smart light switch that allows you to control and network Smarter Home components via Bluetooth. The product can be combined with the switch ranges carat®, Busch-dynasty®, pure stainless steel, solo®, Busch-axcent®, Busch-axcent® pur and future® linear.

What makes the Bluetooth Smart Switch so special?


Networking via Bluetooth

Networking via Bluetooth is not only particularly simple, but also very energy-saving. This means that the controls and components can be operated with energy harvesting in the long term.

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Discover the diversity of our switch ranges and find the design that suits you and your individual style.

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