Smarter Christmas

The traditional Christmas celebrations are undergoing a transformation: the smarter home with networked technology shines in festive splendour. Intelligent helpers give you more time, peace of mind and security during the festive season so that you can concentrate on the essentials - happy and unforgettable times with your loved ones. This year, Christmas will not only be more relaxed than ever before, but also safer and you can save money to boot.

Magical lighting inside and outside

Christmas lights start to shine from the first Advent. Inside, fairy lights are often attached to trees, windows and furniture, while outside, houses, gardens and trees are decorated with fairy lights. Many intelligent lighting systems offer the option of adjusting the colours of the lighting as desired and dimming the brightness. Systems from Ledvance or Philips Hue can be perfectly integrated into your Busch-free@home®-System. By precisely controlling and planning efficient LED lighting, you can also save energy and money during the Christmas period.

With a control panel such as the Busch-SmartTouch® 10" kyou can easily create a festive atmosphere. With gentle touches on the 10-inch display, you can switch the lighting in individual rooms or the entire building on and off and dim it. The RGBW function also allows you to adjust the light colour and temperature via the touch panel. With an optional memory card for the Busch-SmartTouch® 10" you can even use your own pictures as a screen saver. So why not conjure up a few Christmas photos on the screen?

The Christmas lights can be set in advance at your leisure. For example, you can integrate them into different scenarios, such as accentuated light for cooking with rousing music or subdued light and soft Christmas sounds for a festive meal. All you then need to do is press a button or give a voice command to concentrate fully on your guests.

On our YouTube channel we show you how you can integrate corresponding scenes into your Busch-free@home® system. Click here for the tutorial.

The festivities are approaching - and the appetite

Many families have their own Christmas dinner traditions. A sumptuous Christmas goose, carp or sausages with potato salad, fondue or raclette - a wide variety of dishes are served on Christmas Eve, depending on the region. What always remains the same is the preparation in the kitchen and the support of a smart home, in which household appliances from Bosch or Miele can be networked with the Busch-free@home® system and HomeConnect. This enables full interaction, such as controlling the appliances, receiving status messages and adding scenes such as the all-off function.

Safety first

Before the festive season, you should check that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are active. Because in the festive hustle and bustle, food can sometimes be forgotten in the oven or a candle can slip out of sight. Smart smoke alarms  then prevent a minor mishap from turning into a serious danger. In the event of an alarm, your intelligent smoke detector warns you with acoustic signals or your smart home via app. For example, if you have just set off for a Christmas walk. This is how smoke alarms and their sensors protect your Christmas.

It's getting festive - the guests are coming

The doorbell rings and the video front-door station of the door communication system greets the visitor even before the door is opened. Perhaps Father Christmas or Father Christmas is at the door? Or is it your dear relatives and friends? You can see who it is immediately via the indoor station or the app. With Busch-Welcome® you can communicate with the people at your front door and grant them access without having to open the door yourself.

Tip: If the door communication system is connected to Busch-free@home®, light signals can also draw attention to the visitor in the event of an incoming door call.

Christmas presents - the time has come!

Lots of people, hot food and candlelight cause the temperature to rise quickly. Added to this is the heat from the oven in an open-plan kitchen. Intelligent technology helps to minimise this energy loss so that valuable heat is not lost during ventilation.

Electric actuators for heating valves and window contacts from Busch-Jaeger are available so that the thermostat does not have to be switched off and on again every time the room is aired. When the window is opened, the window contact registers this and automatically sends a signal to the actuator, which switches the heating off immediately. When the window is closed, the heating switches on again automatically.

In addition, modern radiator thermostats with a battery-operated electric motor actuate the valve of a radiator almost inaudibly and thus keep the room temperature constant. With a room thermostat, it is possible to maintain the previously set comfort temperature. This is clever technology for a cosy ambience - convenient and efficient.

The magic of Christmas Eve is created by perfectly adjusted lighting. The warm, subdued light creates a cosy, homely atmosphere. The music is the perfect accompaniment. While instrumental sounds created an elegant and relaxed atmosphere at dinner, it is now classic Christmas songs such as "Silent Night" or "Oh, Christmas Tree" that create a traditional and festive mood.

The audio systems from Sonos and sonoro can be easily integrated into the smart home system. They can be controlled via control panels or an app. Voice assistants such as Alexa from Amazon or Google Home can also be integrated into Busch-free@home®. So not only the music, but also the light listens to your word. Smarter Christmas - more is almost impossible.

If you're not spending Christmas at home, you can still bring your own four walls to life with a Smarter Home. Many smart devices such as lamps or blinds can be switched on and off seemingly at random using a routine to simulate your presence and deter burglars.

Tradition and innovation combined

Christmas at Smarter Home combines tradition and innovation in a unique way, creating a festive atmosphere that not only warms the hearts of the family, but also offers a glimpse into the future of the festive season. It is a festival that celebrates the joy of togetherness, while the technology in the background combines the magic of Christmas with contemporary convenience.