With a lot of love for the detail

Moxy Hamburg City, Hamburg

In the heart of Hamburg, between the Alster and the Elbe, the hotel "Moxy Hamburg City" is located. With many original details, the interior designers of JOI-Design have combined the typical diversity of the city and the colorful Hanseatic face in their design concept. The team around Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk and Peter Joehnk was inspired by numerous travels, so that the most diverse elements of Hamburg's neighborhoods have been incorporated into the design concept - from the harbor, to the Kiez, to the Reeperbahn and Elbchaussee.
The hotel is a place for everything, because everything like the reception, bar, lounge and lobby belongs together - and everyone is welcome. Here, the container-look of the elevators remines of the harbor, in the lounge area you long for a beach club on the banks of the Elbe - and there are many more details to discover, such as the light switches from the future® linear switch range in anthracite and studio white.

The hotel was designed by the interior designers behind JOI-Design and has won several awards. With a lot of love for the detail, there is a lot to discover in the hotel. The design reflects the typical diversity of the city and the colorful Hanseatic face.

In the fifth episode of our video series "Frozen Music", our colleague Katrin Förster traveled to Hamburg to visit the "Moxy Hamburg City". Join her on her journey and discover the fancy design of the Hanseatic hotel.