Precious gems in the ski resort

Grandes Alpes Private Hotel, Courchevel

The private hotel offers its guests the delights of an ultimate collection of 9 exceptional private apartments with 5-star hotel service.
The concept of the GRANDES ALPES PRIVATE HOTEL***** is named after 9 precious stones: emerald, ruby, beryl, topaz, jade, garnet, onyx, serpentine and amethyst. 9 rare objects that vary in area from 150 to 300 m². For each apartment the guests have a 24 hours service of majordomo / butler, housekeeper and chef.

The Grandes Alpes Private Hotel is located in the middle of one of the largest ski resorts in the world: the Trois Vallées in the French Alps.

With a contemporary interior design by Jean Marc MOUCHET, each apartment exudes refinement, a bold mixture of beauty and technological comfort. In such an atmosphere the Busch-priOn® is the perfect link between design, comfort and technology. With the high-quality operating elements, the KNX-based control of individual room functions can be carried out: no matter whether light, blind or even heating control.