Home textiles - the secret stars of home design

Walls, floors and furniture contribute significantly to the look of an interior. But bed linen, curtains, pillows and blankets are also decisive for the color design and set special accents. They not only offer a feel that makes you feel particularly comfortable, but also ensure pleasant room acoustics by absorbing sound waves and thus preventing reverberation, especially in large rooms.

Between discreet and present

Homey textiles sounds quite strongly like coziness. And certainly this is also the main purpose. Soft materials, such as a blanket, make a room already visually a place of well-being. But also brightly colored pillows in candy style have this effect of wanting to sink right into it.

Natural materials like jute and linen suit an aesthetic characterized by simplicity and minimalism. But also very strong colors, boldly combined with unusual textures, reminiscent of past pompous eras, are currently in high demand.

Between naturalness and glamour, the whole world of patterns, colors and materials is now available to express your personality.

3 Trends in home textiles


Carpets celebrate a rival - very modern and with eye-catching motifs and textures. It's worth keeping your eyes open. Be brave in your choice.

Natural Living

The Hygge style from Scandinavia is joined by the aspect of sustainability and becomes "Natural Living". In addition to comfort, special emphasis is placed on ecological aspects such as recyclability and healthy living.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants are clearly trendy, like to mix and clump, so that regular oases form. In addition, home textiles with animal motifs and floral patterns (preferably exotic) and decorative elements made of knitted rope, hammock or even baskets made of raffia and bamboo. The effect: soothing and harmonizing.