Reduced, minimalist, modern and flexible, with organic shapes, wood, fur or even wool - that is the Scandinavian furnishing trend.

Nature as a role model

The Scandinavian style is characterised by nature. This aspect is reflected by the wood used, but also by the organic shapes. Reduced colours as you see them in nature fit perfectly to this style. You can integrate furniture made of local woods into your home or also rely on pine, spruce, birch, ash or teak. Grains, holes and rough structures make for a particularly authentic look.

An ambience to feel good

You have to bring "hygge" into your home. Wooden furniture, light-coloured walls, but also original materials such as wool characterise the Skandi style. The focus is always on cosiness paired with modernity. For the Scandinavian style, you can also opt for furniture that reflects lightness, for example. The form follows the function, whereby the pieces of furniture are usually elegant and simple.

The right lighting mood

Light plays a central role in interior design in Scandinavian style. Especially in winter, life for Scandinavians is mostly indoors due to low temperatures. And since winter is not only a cold season but also a very dark one, a lot is done with additional light sources. Here you can let off steam completely. When choosing your luminaires and lamps, you should only pay attention to the light colour. Some light sources emit warm white light colours, others rather cool tones. When buying lamps, you should therefore also pay attention to the Kelvin specification - 2700 Kelvin stands for a warm white tone and 5300 Kelvin for cool white light, which is suitable for work areas, for example.

The Skandi-Style

  • Colours, patterns etc.

    The Scandinavian style combines not only wood and white. But also colourful patterned textiles. In combination with wooden furniture, natural fabrics and light colours, the patterns and pastels are a real eye-catcher. There are no limits to creativity and above all to your personal taste. This is how you can create a modern form of Scandinavian style.

  • Which decoration will you choose?

    Lamps, candles, lanterns or lanterns not only serve as light sources, but also create a cosy atmosphere in the room.You can also use natural materials for decoration. How about a roughly knitted woollen blanket, linen cushions or a handmade rug? In Scandinavian style, it is important that the decoration is unobtrusive, durable and above all practical. Because of the connection to nature, plants can of course also be integrated into your interior. Pine cones or thin branches are also suitable for decoration.

  • Why is Scandinavian furniture so special?

    Through various furniture manufacturers from the Scandinavian region, the Scandinavian style has certainly crossed the path of one or the other. Architects and designers transform classic pieces of furniture almost into works of art, which convince with their elegance, but are still practical and suitable for everyday use. Here, too, the material wood is reflected.

Design can also be sustainable

The Scandinavian style of living is not only cosy and individual, but also sustainable. Sustainability is the focus of our lives and shapes the lifestyle of many. In a world with only finite resources, this is not a prudent aspect.

The details matter

The matching light switches and socket outlets.

With our various light switch ranges, you can also pick up on the Scandinavian furnishing style in your electrical installation. In addition to round and square frames in white, anthracite or grey, we also offer frames in various real materials with our Busch-axcent® pur and Busch-art linear® switch ranges.
How about a white switch encased in a wooden frame, for example?