Heating only when necessary

Heating &air-conditioning; climate


Blind control

Intelligently controlling heat via the sun

Automatically operated blinds increase comfort and also save energy. If it is cold outside, you can use the rays of the sun during the day to save heating costs. In the evening the roller blinds retain the heat in the house and additionally insulate. In the summer they offer protection against direct sunlight.

Everything-off function

The easiest way to switch off

You are not sure whether all the lights in the house are switched off? No problem: With the practical everything-off function all devices in the house can be switched off simultaneously. A cost-saving function for greater energy efficiency and your safety.

Heating & air-conditioning

Heating to suit specific requirements

Our smart Home heating supports efficient regulation of the room temperature and improves your personal energy budget with an individual temperature control that is not dependent on the time of day. It is suitable both for radiators as well as floor heating.


Intelligent saving and controlling of energy

With an intelligent storage solution for your photovoltaic system, you can optimally determine when and where you use the produced solar energy in your own home.

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