Indoor video station 7"

Indoor video station 7"

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The indoor video station has a 7" touch display - so you have everything in front of your door in view. When a door call is received, the camera image appears on the display of your indoor station. For outgoing door calls, a picture of the visitor is saved, so that you can also see afterwards who rang the bell at your front door. The quick access keys of the indoor station allow you to easily operate your door intercom system. For example, the door opener, mute function and hallway light can be controlled directly.


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2-wie technology


Resolution from 1024 x 600 px


Video solution (listening, speaking, seeing)

Indoor station for door communication

The Video 7" indoor station has a high-resolution touch display and quick access keys for door opening, muting and light. In addition, the indoor station has a hands-free function, an SD card slot and is suitable for both surface and flush mounting.

All further technical information about the indoor station Video 7" for the Busch-Welcome® system can be found in our online catalog.

What distinguishes the indoor station Video 7"?


History function

If someone has rung the bell in your absence, you can use the history function to see who was at your front door when the bell rang. All visitor images are stored and archived on the indoor station - for seamless monitoring of your home. Three images of the camera image are automatically saved during the call or when the doorbell rings when you are absent.

The counterpart: outstations

As a counterpart to the "Video 7" indoor station, we also offer you the matching outdoor stations as a video solution for your door communication system with Busch-Welcome®.


With Busch-Welcome® we offer you a solution for door communication based on 2-wire technology. The system has various functions and components and can be integrated into your Smarter Home. Discover the product variety and find the solution for your home.


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