Spectacular real estate on the bank of the Spree


One of the most spectacular pieces of real estate that offers a fully new dimension of life and living has arisen directly on the bank of the Spree in the heart of Berlin. A floor-to-ceiling glass front face and high-gloss white facade elements lend the 14-storey building a certain lightness and makes the building geometry seem less severe. The use of the highest-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology down to the smallest detail define the LIVING LEVELS experience. LIVING LEVELS was completed ahead of schedule at the end of 2015.

The building along the Spree River is located in the Friedrichshain quarter of Berlin on Mühlenstraße 60 in the world-renowned East Side Gallery. The numerous cafes, restaurants and waterfront bars nearby tempt you with international delicacies while providing a broad spectrum of "feel-good" experiences. In addition, the area has a variety of shopping and recreational possibilities, such as the many waterfront bars along the bank of the Spree, Stralau Peninsula or Treptow Park.

The 56 apartments in total with ceiling heights up to 4.10 metres as of the eleventh floor with a floor-to-ceiling glass front face have a unique panoramic view of the city. Two elevators provide access to the apartments, which all have a French or Maltese balcony. The standard equipment of each apartment include a ceiling air-conditioner, underfloor heating and a ventilation system. Highly modern UV-protected and noise-insulated glazing go without saying. The fourteenth floor has two roof terraces with special usage rights.
Photographer: Stefan Schäfer