Modern residential building as a lighthouse project

Infra-light concrete house, Freising

Between a wooded range of hills to the north and an unobstructed view to the south, this modern single-family house is located on the outskirts of Freising (Bavaria). It catches the eye directly due to its clear design language. The first floor was built of innovative infra-light concrete. Above it floats the white upper floor, projecting on all sides. The residential house built by the architectural office Fiedler + Partner from Freising is embedded in a well-tended garden. A wooden terrace with adjoining lawn and a spacious, sunny roof terrace on the edge of the forest invite you to linger.

Infra-light concrete, architectural refinements and a building control system from Busch-Jaeger characterize the single-family house.

Building material with excellent properties for thermal insulation

Infra-light concrete consists of a mixture of cement and additives such as expanded clay, a mineral and ecological material. "The difficulty is that the concrete has to be viscous enough when it is placed in the formwork, but also not too thin so that it doesn't segregate," explains architect and client Reinhard Fiedler. The concrete has a dry bulk density of 700 kilograms per cubic meter. Its thermal insulation properties are roughly equivalent to a brick wall of the same thickness with a composite thermal insulation system. The innovative building material also promises a good indoor climate, as the material can compensate for moisture fluctuations.

But infra-light concrete is not only convincing in functional terms. The exterior walls and the staircase to the upper floor lend the living spaces a very special flair with their concrete look. In combination with the white-clad interior walls and the strikingly grained wooden floorboards, the architect manages to perfectly combine purism and coziness. With its linear design, the future® linear light switch range from Busch-Jaeger blends harmoniously into the overall picture. Maximum comfort is provided by the wood-burning stove in the living area, the underfloor heating installed throughout the house and towel radiators in the bathrooms. The energy supply of the house is provided by an efficient, environmentally friendly air-water heat pump.

Comfortable home control with Busch-free@home®

The inviting entrance area with an oak entrance door can be reached via the courtyard. The fingerprint module of the Busch-Welcome® outdoor station allows residents to enter the house without a key. Inside the building, they are welcomed by a spacious wardrobe area with built-in cabinets and the central control element for the Smart Home: the Busch-free@homePanel 7". This can be used to set effective lighting scenes and call up individual time programs for controlling heating and blinds. The touch panel also allows access to the Busch-Welcome® outdoor station video. This records images of visitors who have rung the doorbell when the homeowner is absent, for example - for more security within your own four walls.

The hallway leads to the utility room, the guest toilet and the pantry. Following the hallway is the large kitchen. Adjacent to this is the open living and dining area with floor-to-ceiling glazing, direct and level access to the wooden terrace and an open fireplace. The highlight: from the living room, as well as from the hallway, residents have access to the linear exposed concrete staircase to the upper floor. The upper floor of the house is divided into a bright, spacious hallway, bedroom and dressing room, two children's rooms and two bathrooms. Both children's rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that open to the south. One of them has direct access to the south loggia with wooden decking.

Almost all rooms are equipped with the compact Busch-free@homePanel 4.3" with a mounting height of only eight millimeters. With it, up to 16 functions of the Busch-free@home® system can be operated. The system is controlled by tapping and wiping gestures via the capacitive glass surface. Another highlight: Building control can also be carried out by voice command via the Busch-free@home® app. The system understands both natural language and direct commands. So you can either say "Please turn on the lights in the living room" or "Living room - lights - on". Amazon's popular voice service can also be integrated into the smart home system from Busch-Jaeger. Using simple commands, such as "Alexa, switch on the kitchen light" or "Alexa, raise the blinds to 25 percent", individual requests can be implemented as well as complete scenes can be started. Coupling the Sonos Home Sound System in Busch-free@home® enables more entertainment within your own four walls. The speakers can be easily integrated into scenes, such as the all-off scene or a mood scene for dinner. They can be operated via a switch permanently installed in the wall, a panel or the Busch-free@home® app, and even via voice control.

Smart home technology can be also controlled via smartphone

"Busch-free@home® is a modern and cost-effective home automatation solution," Reinhard Fiedler reveals his selling point. The configuration with the intuitively operable app is as simple as it can be. And best of all, changes can be made at any time by the user without the help of an installer. In Reinhard Fiedler's eyes, this is an immensely important point for achieving maximum convenience. Because which switch assignments or functions really meet the needs of the residents often only becomes clear in everyday life.

However, one thing is clear even before moving in: A home automation system should be as convenient as possible. By connecting the Busch-free@home® app to the myBUSCH-JAEGER portal, the home automation system can be operated via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, not only in the home WLAN, but also while on the move. For example, the heating can be set to a comfortable temperature remotely.

The modern single-family home in Freising, about 40 kilometers north of Munich, features a straightforward design with architectural highlights, an innovative building material and a building control system that provides significant gains in comfort, safety and energy efficiency. "We see the residential building as a so-called lighthouse project for the entire area," says architect Fiedler. "Due to the materials used and future-proof solutions for home control, the property has a signal effect for numerous follow-up projects." Reinhard Fiedler, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt (FH), has his own architectural practice also in Freising, Bavaria. The projects planned and built under the name "Fiedler + Partner" show modern, clear lines and his great passion for designing and building.

Pictures: Fiedler + Partner (Freising)