Winter garden_

Many homeowners dream of having a winter garden. It's just wonderful to have a room that so took to the garden and allows you to experience nature directly through the many windows, while providing the coziness of a living room. Now is an ideal time to start planning, and we want to whet your appetite a bit. To that end, we have some great tips for you.

What are you going to fulfill?

When you plan a winter garden, you have the opportunity to create a beautiful additional living space, which you can design entirely according to your ideas. From a cozy oasis of well-being to a luxurious bathroom or a special kitchen, everything is possible. You can also use it flexibly and turn it into a work area or even a bedroom, depending on your needs. When planning, you should consider the orientation of the winter garden.

  • A south-facing winter garden brings a lot of sun, so effective shading is important.
  • The size of the winter garden and the conditions on site should also be considered.
  • An extension with a separate entrance or a seamless extension of the existing living space are possible options, but they depend on the individual circumstances of your home.

The choice of possibilities is huge and there are almost no limits to your individual wishes. When planning, you should consider the orientation of the winter garden.

Wood & Co.

Did you know that aluminum is the most widely used material for posts, rafters and wall connections in conservatories?

It is extremely robust, weatherproof and offers excellent load-bearing capacity. In the interior, wood is often used to create a cozy atmosphere. Nowadays, modern glass panels have excellent properties that make the conservatory even more attractive and ensure that it is beautifully flooded with light.

  • Safety glass is particularly resistant to impacts and break-ins.

  • Soundproof glass is ideal if the winter garden faces the street.

  • Insulating glazing actively contributes to the thermal insulation of the house and thus saves energy.

You see, a winter garden is no longer an eco-sin these days. On the contrary, modern glazing techniques protect your house from heat loss and let the sun's heat in at the same time. A conservatory is thus a real energy winner.

Your smart winter garden

How can you make your winter garden dream even more comfortable? With smart home technology.

Especially the automatic control of heating and air conditioning by a weather station is worth its weight in gold. Blind management, automatic closing of the windows when it rains, heating according to demand, and warning alarms in the event of condensation - all of this can be easily installed and programmed with pinpoint accuracy. In terms of lighting, a conservatory with its plants and special atmosphere also offers a wide range of possibilities. Through smart lighting control, the lighting can be individually adjusted and set to create the optimal feel-good ambience. Smart home technology can thus make a major contribution to making the winter garden a place of relaxation and enjoyment.

Three tips for setup

Tip 1

Give your winter garden a jungle look, emphasizing the feeling that you are in the middle of nature. A mix of different plant species and sizes will turn your winter garden into a green oasis.

Tip 2

Plants are not only decorative elements, but also important air purifiers and oxygen producers. They help create a healthy and clean environment by filtering pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene from the air. In addition, they also reduce sound in rooms and make people feel better.

Tip 3

To preserve the light-flooded character of the winter garden, it is recommended to use sparse furniture. Too much furniture has a negative effect on the size and width of the room. Instead, go for homely accents of form and color. In this way, the winter garden becomes a place where you can recharge your batteries and enjoy nature to the fullest.