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Trendy colours 2023

Trends in the design industry are constantly changing, albeit not radically. Designers like to reveal which interior colours they use to decorate the home to make it look particularly stylish. The orientation of a room and the amount of daylight determine the effect of a colour. This means that the same colour can appear completely different at different times of day and depending on the season. This makes colours exciting and lively.

Trend colours are specified by the Pantone Color Institute

The Pantone Color Institute, a globally recognised authority on colour, provides information and solutions and has been selecting the colour of the year since 1999, which not only reflects the spirit of the times, but is already one step ahead of it.

Farbtrend 2024

"Peach Fuzz" is the colour of the year 2024. This velvety, soft peach shade is said to be good for our mind, body and soul. "We have chosen a colour that radiates warmth and modern elegance. This shade radiates compassion, is like a tangible embrace and effortlessly bridges the gap between youthfulness and timelessness," is how the Pantone Color Institute describes its decision. With "Peach Fuzz", you can create an inviting atmosphere in your interior design. This friendly peach colour between pink and orange creates a warm atmosphere. On a wall, in home d├ęcor or as an accent - "Peach Fuzz" enriches our individualised worlds with a cosy presence.

Colour trend 2023

2023 is the trend colour "Viva Magenta" - an intense shade of red reminiscent of ripe raspberries that is full of life and passion. The Pantone Color Institute describes it as follows: "A colour from the red family that is rooted in nature and sends out a new signal of strength. 'Viva Magenta' is bold and fearless, an exuberant, vibrant colour that radiates joy and optimism and opens a new chapter". Brave people buy a sofa or paint an entire wall in "Viva Magenta". If you prefer more restrained shades for your home, you can add trendy colour accents - with cushion covers, pictures, curtains, rugs or cosy blankets.

Colour trend 2022

Pantone's trend colour of the year 2022 is called "Very Peri" and combines characteristics of blue tones with a simultaneous reddish-purple undertone. This stands for a vibrant, cheerful view of the world and a dynamic presence that inspires bold creativity and imaginative expression. Similarly, "Very Peri" symbolises an ever-increasing fusion of physical and digital life. A colour tone that catches the eye both as a wall colour and as a colour accent.

Colour trend 2021

In 2021, the focus is on two colours: the solid "Ultimate Grey" and the radiant "Illuminating". The colour institute's reasoning: "In a time of continuing uncertainty, in which humanity wants to draw strength, clarity and hope, energetic colours give courage and joie de vivre". The bright, cheerful yellow "Illuminating" sparkles with vitality. Ultimate Gray" symbolises reliability and a secure foundation. The combination conveys a positive message of inner strength. You can bring the colours into your four walls individually or in combination with each other.

How do I find the right colour for my home?


The same rules apply for rooms with an eastern orientation as for west-facing rooms. The light is warmest here in the morning and becomes cooler and more subdued in the afternoon. Shades of blue or green are ideal as wall colours here - light and soft colours are recommended if you spend most of your time in these rooms in the afternoon. And vibrant wall colours work best in the morning sun.


Colour change and eye-catcher

Nothing changes a room like a change of colour. You don't have to paint all the walls to do this. If you want to repaint your walls, we recommend paying attention to the effect of individual colour accents. Timeless beige creates a sense of calm, but can also quickly look boring. Bright colours such as "Viva Magenta", the 2023 trend colour, are ideal for creating visual stimuli. As these eye-catchers take centre stage, it is important to position them in a targeted manner.

It's the details that matter

In addition to different wall colours and colour accents for furniture and decoration, the matching light switches also make the difference - either as an eye-catcher or almost invisibly blending into the ambience. Our Busch-axcent® pure switch range, for example, is perfect for this. This combines high-quality real materials, such as glass or slate, as well as a lively colour palette with a linear look. The light switch thus lends expression to any individual style.

It's not always crucial to keep up with the various colour trends, because you can quickly get fed up with them. An individual colour scheme that suits you is timeless. It will always be perfect for your home and you will automatically feel at ease. With a "personal" colour, you express your own identity - and this is not subject to trends.

Not sure whether you like your new favourite colour? How about buying textiles such as cushions, rugs or individual decorative items in the colour in question first. And who knows, maybe you'll find your new favourite colour this way!

Highlight your new wall colour...

Illuminated walls or objects simply look more beautiful and striking. The natural incidence of light and artificial light can change colours considerably. With dimmable LED lights, the light colour can be adjusted from a bluish to a warm white light. Coloured LEDs change the atmosphere at the touch of a button. These can also be perfectly integrated into scenes in a smart home system such as Busch-free@home®. This allows you to create the atmosphere for a film evening or a cosy get-together with friends at the touch of a button and set the scene for your wall colours even in the dark.

... with intelligent lighting control

With our new Busch-Trevion® sensors you can set your wall colours perfectly in the right light. You have the choice, because in addition to a 2.4" display, the Busch-Trevion® sensor technology is also available as a keypad. In addition to the lighting, you can also use the control elements to control your blinds as well as the air conditioning and heating in your home. With a contemporary operating concept based on a capacitive surface, the sensor is operated like a smartphone with a tap/swipe function.