Home Connect Plus

Integration of Busch-free@home® devices in the Home Connect Plus app.

The Home Connect Plus service will be discontinued on 30 June 2023.

Busch-Jaeger and Home Connect Plus – a strong Partnership

Nowadays, a Smart Home consists of many elements - also from different manufacturers. That's why we want to support you and offer you even more options: Through our cooperation with Home Connect Plus, we offer you even more possibilities to connect and control Busch-free@home® devices with other smart devices and systems from other manufacturers.

One App, many opportunities

With our cooperation and Home Connect Plus, we offer you an app with which you can operate numerous Smart Home devices via a central platform. Use the app to connect your Busch-free@home® devices with other Smart Home devices. Home Connect Plus makes it easy for you to centrally manage interactions between preferred systems, control device functions and automate routine tasks according to your personal needs. This allows you to organise your Smart Home according to your needs without having to switch between different apps - simple, fast and smart.

This saves time to concentrate on the important things in life. And best of all: The app is free and easy to use. Simply download Home Connect Plus to your smartphone (compatible with Android or iOS), set up your Busch-free@home® devices in a few steps and you're ready to go.

Advantages of Home Connect Plus

A central platform for all devices

Comprehensive device compatibility across brands for countless combinations. Home Connect Plus makes managing your smart home with just one app simple and convenient.

Smart Home made easy

The Home Connect Plus app is clear, intuitive, and simple. You don’t need to be a technology expert or Smart Home professional to use it - just like our Busch-free@home® APP next.

Personalized for you

Customize the app to your needs: automate how your Busch-free@home® devices interact with other systems for a harmonious Smart Home experience. You can easily add your most frequently used device functions to your favorites.

Free all-in-one solution

The Home Connect Plus app and the integration of Busch-free@home® devices is free. No subscriptions, no hidden costs, and no in-app purchases. Simply download, set up, and enjoy.

Integration of Busch-free@home®

The following devices of the Smart Home control Busch-free@home® can be integrated into your Smart Home system with the Home Connect Plus app.

Blind control

Modularity makes everything possible. The sensor units of Busch-free@home® can be freely assigned with the blind, light, dimming or scene functions. Control all motor-operated blinds, shutters and awnings in your Smart Home - conveniently and easily.

    Window detector

    All windows in sight - with the window detectors from Busch-free@home®. With the detection system you have all windows in view at once and can thus be sure that all windows are closed.

      Room temperature controller

      Precise and punctual heat. The optimum room temperature can be controlled individually and according to actual needs with Busch-free@home®. Depending on the time of day and function of the room.

      Radiator thermostat

      Comfortable and energy-saving. Save energy by controlling the temperature of your rooms depending on the time of day with the radiator thermostat for Busch-free@home®.

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      Movement detector

      On guard and ready to help. Especially in areas such as stairwells, hallways or cellars, where you usually only spend a short time, a convenient, automatic switching is extremely helpful. With the motion detector for Busch-free@home® , your light control functions completely automatically.

      Light control

      With the smart light control, you can stage different light scenes at any time. Whether for reading on the sofa, cooking or a cosy get-together, you can adapt the light to your needs with the sensor units from Busch-free@home®.

      Have we caught your interest?

      A home that thinks for you thanks to intelligent technologies and adapts to your personal needs and daily routine. That sounds interesting ? Then discover the many different possibilities of our Smart Home control Busch-free@home® and the Busch ECO system.

      ABB ECO-System

      The ABB-free@home®, ABB-Welcome and ABB-AccessControl systems work hand in hand with each other and fall under the ABB ECO-System. Together they offer a holistic answer to the question of modern Smart Home Management.