Discover the many different possibilities that arise from the integration of Busch-free@home® devices into the wibutler alliance.

Busch-Jaeger and wibutler – a strong partnership

With the integration of Busch-free@home® devices into the wibutler app, more than 30 brands and their product solutions for heating control, home and sanitary technologies can be integrated into the smart home control system from Busch-Jaeger. For example, devices from Viessmann can be optimally and particularly efficiently combined with the individual room control.

Examples of applications

With wibutler and Busch-free@home®, there are various possibilities with which you can network your home even more closely. Discover examples of applications that show you the possibilities with wibutler.

Heating control

Connect your room temperature controllers from Busch-free@home® via wibutler to a central heating device e.g. from Viessmann or Wolf.

Leakage alarm

The "SYR" leakage protection reports its alarm to Busch-free@home® via wibutler. This way, notifications can be shown on your smartphone or a display and a scene can be triggered. In addition, the leakage protection can shut off the water supply to prevent major damage.

Efficient ventilation and deaeration

Control the ventilation on wibutler side via the Busch-free@home® world: In absence, via timers, via humidity sensors or movement detectors.


wibutler pro

The wibutler pro automation center is the heart of the wibutler system. Together with the wibutler app, you can integrate various products from numerous top brands into your smart home. The wibutler pro networks brands of modern home technology - from burglar protection to heating and ventilation technology to the automation of lighting and shading. You can integrate the wibutler solution into your Busch-free@home® system via myBUSCH-JAEGER.


Discover the advantages of wibutler.

Well connected

The wibutler supports several standardized radio protocols such as EnOcean, ZigBee or WLAN and thus combines different trades.

Simply operated

With the wibutler app, functions and devices can be sorted by rooms and floors and, if desired, individualized with personal images. Operation is as simple as with our Busch-free@home® Next App.

Individual user rights

For a simple and demand-oriented operation, the access to the wibutler can be regulated with different user rights, so that users can, for example, only carry out a device control, but not the configuration of the devices.

All-in-one solution free of charge

Connecting the services of wibutler and Busch-free@home® is free of charge. No subscriptions or in-app purchases are necessary. Simply enter your myBUSCH-JAEGER access data in the wibutler app and get started.

Cloud to Cloud

The information exchange of the wibutler pro automation control center and the System Access Point of the Busch-free@home® system is based on a cloud-to-cloud solution. This enables the integration of Busch-free@home® devices with product solutions from the wibutler alliance.


Learn more about the integration of Busch-free@home® and wibutler here and discover new perspectives for the integration of electrical engineering, plumbing, heating & air conditioning technology for your smart home.

With over 30 top brands and more than 350 different products, the wibutler alliance opens up many more solutions for your smart home control. This way, numerous products can be connected and automated across different brands.

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With the Busch-free@home® system you can control your entire home - as usual with switches or also via panel or app. Discover the many different possibilities of our smart home control system.

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Our cooperations

At Busch-Jaeger, we set great value on working in partnership. That's why we work with many well-known manufacturers to make your Smarter Home experience even smarter. In addition to wibutler, you can integrate numerous devices and solutions from other manufacturers into your Busch-free@home® system.

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