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WaveLine Binary input modul Wireless WaveLINE 230 V

Data Sheet:

Radio control telegrams are sent when the two extension units are activated with mains voltage (AC 230 V~). Operation via conventional push button (2020 US/2021/6 UK) possible. The 2gang binary input has 5 function modes: 1.) 2-channel switching: Connection of conventional push buttons. Alternately sends ON/OFF telegrams when actuated. 2.) 2-channel dimming: Connection of conventional push buttons. Sends dimming telegrams when actuated. 3.) 1 channel blind: Connection of a 2gang push-button or blind control insert II. Sends telegrams to control a blind when actuated (only movement command, no stop. 4.) Two-channel light scene control: Connection of conventional push-buttons. Light scenes are stored and started when actuated. 5.) Channel 1: Switching ON. Channel 2: Continuous switching ON/OFF: At >Switching ON< an ON telegram is sent with a brief actuation. At >Continuous switching< ON/OFF and actuated extension unit, an ON telegram is sent every minute, and an OFF telegram is sent every minute for a non-actuated extension unit. In dependence of the selected function, it can be combined with WaveLINE actuators 6701-101, 6702, 6703, 6704, 6705-101. Repeater function can be activated for extended range. For universal attachment or installation. Phase and neutral conductor required. For installation in (deep) flush-mounted boxes to German Standard DIN 49073. Send/receive frequency: 868 MHz. Free-field range: approx. 100 m.