My parts list/tender specifications

WaveLine Universal dimming actuator Wireless with ON/OFF switching, dimming and lightscene control WaveLINE 1 gang(s) 230 V

Data Sheet:

For wireless switching and dimming of electrical loads. For functions ON/OFF, dimming and lightscene control. With soft ON/OFF function. With selectable light value storage. For wall mounted transmitter Waveline 6731-xxx, 6732-xxx und 6733-xxx. For remote control WaveLINE 6780. Repeater function can be activated for extended range. For universal attachment or installation. 2-wire connection (neutral conductor not required) 3-wire connection system (neutral conductor is required) is preferred when using electronic transformers. For installation in (deep) flush-mounted boxes to German Standard DIN 49073. Controllable up to 32 transmission addresses. Send/receive frequency: 868 MHz. Free-field range: approx. 100 m.