My parts list/tender specifications

Busch-Rotary-Dimmer Insert DALI Turn/push button 230 V

Data Sheet:

For DALI broadcast service (via central telegram). With integrated DALI power adaptor. For switching and dimming up to 64 DALI- devices like electronic ballasts and transformers with DALI-interface. With rotary control and ON/OFF push operation. With electronic short-circuit protection. With electronic overload protection. Brightness power-on level and backround brightness level adjustable, buffered. With integrated LED illumination for orientation. Color of orientation light adjustable (18 presets and OFF). Up to 5 potentiometers are connectable in parallel. Up to 3 potentiometers are connectable in parallel in active mode. Not suitable for combining with other DALI sensors or central units of other manufacturers. DALI-voltage: 15,5 V= Rated current: max. 75 mA Power consumption: < 2,5 W Number of DALI-units: 37 in case of one active power-potentiometer in case of three active power-potentiometer in parallel connection: 111 Active mode: the potentiometer is supporting the necessary control circuit for other DALI-devices. Passive mode: the potentiometer is suitable as additional operation point. Max. DALI-cable length: 300 m (1,5 - 2,5 mm²). Without cover plate.